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[[Angel (season 5)|A5]]
[[Angel (season 5)|A5]]
'''Doctor Evan Royce''' was an employee of [[Wolfram & Hart]] at the [[Research and Intelligence Department]].
'''Doctor Evan Royce''' was a cryptozoologist employee of [[Wolfram & Hart]] at the [[Research and Intelligence Department]].

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Doctor Evan Royce was a cryptozoologist employee of Wolfram & Hart at the Research and Intelligence Department.


Dr. Royce first appeared shortly after Angel killed McManus (after the latter attacked and infected Nina Ash with lycanthropy), wherein he identified him as the Lycanthropus Exterus breed of werewolf, previously undocumented in North America, during his autopsy. After Angel and his crew captured Nina during her first transformation and explained the situation to her, Dr. Royce warned them of potential self-harm that werewolves could inflict on themselves during their first full moon.

As it turned out, Dr. Royce was working for the socialite Jacob Crane, who was planning on capturing and serving Nina at an eloquent dinner during the next full moon. When Winifred Burkle went with Nina to her house to clear things with her family and gather supplies for her next transformation, Royce took some of Cranes employees with him, killed the members of the Wolfram & Hart Special Operations Team who had accompanied them to Nina's home, and then knocked out Fred and captured Nina, subsequently taking calendula to prevent Lorne from discovering his involvement. However, Team Angel discovered his involvement and who he was working for when Fred was led to convicting evidence by an unwitting Spike.

Angel subsequently forced Royce to take him to Crane's dinner to save Nina, and in the ensuing fight, Royce was bitten by Nina. Angel, having no interest in Royce's well being, made a deal with Crane to let him have Royce for his werewolf dinner in a month, and Crane accepted, having Royce taken away despite his pleas for mercy.  Although Angel and his team later mentioned having shut Jacob Crane's restaurant down, Royce's fate remains unknown.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by John Billingsley.


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