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You are a fool. You think to destroy me? You are dealing with forces beyond your comprehension [...] I am Ethros! I corrupted the spirits of men before they had speech to name me.
―An Ethros demon about himself[src]

Ethros demons were a species of demon capable of possessing humans in order to wreak death and corrupt human souls. They were widely feared because of their penchant for mass murder.

Known Cases[]

If the child you're trying to save really is possessed with an Ethros ... my prayers are with you. Both of you. Because you're dealing with something very smart and very dangerous. Even more dangerous than you.
―Unidentified Nun[src]

In 1892, a woman named Lizzie Borden[1] murdered her father and stepmother with an axe. She was possessed by an Ethros demon

In late 1999, an Ethros surfaced in Los Angeles and took possession of a young woman. Her parents turned to Father Fredricks, a Catholic priest and exorcist, for help. He succeeded in saving the young woman, but could not save himself. Once cast out, the demon jumped straight into Father Fredricks, killing him in the process.

Six months later, Angel Investigations came face to face with another Ethros while investigating a case. This Ethros had taken possession of a young boy named Ryan Anderson for months, though he was trapped within the boy, who, according to the demon himself, had no soul. This Ethros was driven out of the boy and later slain by Angel.

Physiology and powers[]

Skimming the surface of my mind. Very good.
―Wesley Wyndam-Pryce about an Ethros mind-reading powers[src]

When assuming corporeal form, Ethros demons appeared as pale grayish humanoids with large facial wrinkles, yellow eyes and pointed teeth. Ethros demons excreted a bodily fluid called plakticine, which could be used to measure the demon's maturity. Finally, Ethros demons sought out primordial volcanic basalt to regenerate when wounded or weakened.

Ethros demons could assume an incorporeal form in order to possess humans. The demon could be forced to surface and then exorcised.

The demon's ability to leave their host under their own power apparently relied on the human having a soul. The demon being unable to leave Ryan's soulless body.

Once exorcised, Ethros demons sought out the closest human body to possess, though the force of the expulsion was such that the new host rarely survived. To prevent this, an Ethros Box could be used to attract the demon and keep it trapped.

Ethros demons possessed psychic abilities. They could read the minds of others and had minor telekinetic abilities. They were vulnerable to the sight of crucifixes, similar to vampires.

Though extremely long lived, if not ageless, Ethros demons were vulnerable when in corporeal form. 


  • Ethros Demons are the only demons in the Buffyverse to be vulnerable to crosses and Holy Water, other than vampires.
  • They also most closely resemble typical possessions portrayed in media and narratives.
  • Anthony also portrayed the Trask in "Hero".