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Ethan's Costume Shop was the costume shop set up by Ethan Rayne during his first visit to Sunnydale.

In the Halloween of 1997, Ethan used this shop to distribute costumes which he cursed with the god Janus, making whoever wore them became what they dressed. After reversing the spell, the costume shop was abandoned along with all of its stock taken.

Sometime later Ethan used this shop once again when he tattooed the Mark of Eyghon on Buffy Summers to confuse the demon of the same name.


  • An 18th-century dress bought by Buffy.
  • A toy gun bought by Xander Harris.
  • A ghost costume bought by Willow Rosenberg.
  • A pirate costume bought by Larry Blaisdell.
  • Demon masks and vampire costumes bought by several trick-or-treaters.