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Espresso Pump was a local coffee shop in Sunnydale on the Maple Court.

Prominent events[]


  • After Willow missed meeting with Buffy at the Espresso Pump, the two reconciled at the same place.[1]
  • While fighting a group of vampires under Mister Trick's orders, Buffy staked two of them inside a closed Espresso Pump.[2]
  • Xander bought ten donuts for the Scooby Gang: two glazed, two cinnamon, couple cream-filled, and four jellies. Cordelia mocked the mission he had been entrusted until Lysette asked him about the car parked outside the shop.[3]


  • Buffy and Parker Abrams talked in front of the coffee shop, when she was seduced to spend the night with him.[4]
  • Angel met Willow to warn of the danger Hus posed, but he was distracted by seeing Riley talking to Buffy outside.[5]


  • Buffy mixed Jonathan's coffee while they talked about her relationship with Riley. Two fans, including Karen, asked for Jonathan's autograph.[6]
  • Giles performed the song "Behind Blue Eyes."[7]
  • Dracula walked over the building in wolf form while following Xander.[8]
  • Giles showed Willow and Tara his new car as the couple left the coffee shop with their respective cups.[9]
  • Pedestrians sought refuge inside the Espresso Pump as the spawn of Sobek run through Maple Court.[10]
  • April asked about Warren to a table of four men and one of them lied about seeing him going to a certain direction.[11]


  • Anya and Halfrek watched Strange Radio performance then discussed their work as vengeance demons.[12]
  • Willow filled Tara in on all the supernatural activities she had missed. Anya then interrupted their date to attempt to get a wish against Xander from them.[13]


  • Xander went in a date with Lissa, when he drank hot cocoa but told her it was red eye.[14]
  • The Espresso Pump was destroyed along with the entire town after the battle at the Hellmouth.[15]