Eric? He needs industrial strength therapy.
―Buffy Summers[src]

Eric Gittleson was a Sunnydale High student and a close friend of Chris Epps.

Biography Edit

The crash with the girls was lucky. But we can't keep waiting for another lucky accident to just drop a head in our laps. You know what we have to do! Hell, it's just one lousy girl!

Eric and Chris collaborated in the resurrection of Chris's brother Daryl Epps after he died in a hiking accident. Unlike Chris, whose actions were mainly motivated out of a desire to help his brother, Eric was more ruthless and sadistic. He was almost happy to learn that he would have to kill someone to provide Daryl with a female companion. Fortunately, his attempt to use Cordelia Chase's head for the body was thwarted by Buffy Summers. Eric was swiftly knocked out in the final confrontation. He was carried out of the building by Willow and Giles, hence surviving the fire.

According to the Sunnydale High Yearbook Eric spent six months in juvenile hall, but managed to graduate. However, his current fate remains unknown.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Michael Bacall.

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