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Eric was a doctor and Joyce Summers' boyfriend.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Eric began dating Joyce in 2018 and they moved to Sunnydale in the following year, where they lived together along her daughter Buffy Summers. As Joyce observed, he sometimes tried too hard with Buffy and he needed to give her time. He declared he wanted it to work with all of them, so he was frustrated for living with them for a month and still hadn't figured out how to deal with the teenager.[1]

Noticing Buffy's efforts to hide bruises in her arms, Eric one day offered her support without judgement for whenever she needed help. He also mentioned he preferred she'd come for him to treat a broken hand rather than trying to hide it, which apparently moved Buffy in his favor.[2]

Eric attended the opening of Joyce's Egyptian exhibit, and was at the gallery when Drusilla activated the Hellmouth stabbing Spike with the Dagger of Sekhmet.[3] As the floor cracked beneath them, Rupert Giles and Jenny led Eric and Joyce to safety.[4]

Eric was among the hive mind of men who became affected by the Hellmother in Sunnydale. In his fever and anger, he threw Joyce into their house's pillar to get to the Tunaverse.[5]

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