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In-universe[edit | edit source]

  • Eric, a Druid who was turned into a vampire.
  • Eric, Joyce Summers' boyfriend since 2018.
  • Erik, a worshiper of the demon Morgog.
  • Eric Gittleson, a Sunnydale High student who reanimated Daryl Epps.
  • Eric Parker, a student at UC Sunnydale.
  • Eric Sing, a student at Sunnydale High School.

Real world[edit | edit source]

  • Eric Balfour, the actor who portrayed Jesse McNally.
  • Erik Betts, the stuntman and actor who portrayed Agent Brown and the Keeper of the Name.
  • Eric Powell, a comic book illustrator.
  • Eric Saiet, the actor who portrayed Dalton.
  • Eric Wight, an artist for comic books and Buffy the Animated Series.
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