To the modern man, vengeance is an idea, a word. Payback, one thing for another, like commerce. Not for us. Vengeance is a living thing. It moves through the generations. It commands. It kills.
―Enyos Kalderash[src]

Enyos was a member of the Clan Kalderash, the Romani clan that cursed Angel with his soul and the uncle of Jenny Calendar.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Vengeance demands that his pain be eternal, as ours is. If this - this girl - brings him even one minute of happiness. That is one minute too many.

Enyos was sent to Sunnydale when the Elder Woman of the clan sensed that Angel's pain was lessening. He demanded a report from his niece, Janna, and was enraged to know that Angel had fallen in love with Buffy Summers, the Slayer. Regardless of the fact that Angel was a force of good thanks to his love for the Slayer, Enyos demanded Jenny break the two apart so Angel would suffer again.

Jenny failed, however, and Buffy and Angel consummated their relationship, which caused Angel to experience absolute happiness and lose his soul. Enyos considered this turn of events as positive, since Buffy would have to kill Angelus and vengeance would be served, regardless of the lives that would be lost and the victims of the newly resurrected Judge. However, Enyos was tracked down by Angelus, who tortured and killed him to prevent him being convinced to give the Scooby Gang information about how to restore Angel's soul. Later, Willow Rosenberg would manage to once again place the Clan Kalderash's curse upon Angelus, turning him back into Angel, and making him suffer for his crimes once again.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jenny: “Uncle, this is insanity. People are going to die.
Enyos: “Yes. This is not justice that we serve. It is Vengeance.
— Jenny and Enyos[src]

A fierce conservative at heart, Enyos was an obsessive defender of Clan Kalderash's traditions. He had been raised to believe himself and the rest of his people, those who had survived the massacre brought about by Angelus, Darla, Spike, and Drusilla, not as a force of good but as servants of vengeance, whose mission was to honor the dead and exact suffering on their enemy, Angel, regardless of the lives destroyed. It was this belief that would ultimately turn on him and cause his death, casually rejecting the possibility of recursing Angelus instantly and giving the vampire time to kill him.

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