Willow energy absorption two to go

Willow drains Rack of his magical energy

Energy absorption was the ability to drain magically energies and life forces from another being. Some users used this to sustain themselves, as with Der Kindestod, the Incan Mummy and Glorificus, some used this to empower themselves, like witches, while other use the energy as currency in hell dimensions, as with the Smile Time puppets.

Severin naturally possessed the ability to drain other beings of their magical power and life force.





  • The Inca Mummy absorbed life force from her victims to temporarily restore herself to a human appearance.
  • The offspring of the Bezoar could drain the energy of a future human host in order to be operational before the hatching.
  • Glorificus could drain sanity from humans.
  • Severin, the Siphon, could drain powers and life force from all supernatural beings.