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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Endangered Species is a novel by Nancy Holder & Jeff Mariotte centered around Angel and his team.


Cordelia has become used to being shaken by visions of horror, thanks to the Powers That Be. However, she is especially disturbed to see a vision of Faith being hunted in prison by the supernatural. Chaz Escobar, a game hunter, soon arrives at Angel Investigations looking for his wife Marianna, a vampire. He had hoped to cure her vampirism on a distant small island, but she escaped. He thinks she might be the monster harassing Faith. When Faith is out of jail it seems she may fall into Marianna's claws, but Angel's team and Chaz are off to the island to save her. Chaz's goal is to rid the world of all vampires, and Angel realizes this may be a chance to right all his wrongs.


The events took place after "Monster Island" but before "Impressions". Angel is aware that Buffy is alive, indicating a placement after "Carpe Noctem", although this is seemingly contradicted by Caritas still being open.



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  • Setting: Season 3.

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Faith Lehane: "Oooh, sounds like a road trip!"
- Endangered Species

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