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There's no Better Business Bureau for what we do. Customer complaints are dealt with through... killing, torture, beating... sometimes...fire. We call it "word of mouth advertising".

Emil was an underworld weapons dealer.


Did you just refer to me as a "middleman"? You're lucky Wolfram & Hart has such good word-of-mouth advertising.
―Emil to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce had commissioned Emil to create a multiweapon that was hidden under his sleeves. It consisted of a collapsible sword, a short blade, a stake, and a grappling hook.

Weeks after the Angel Investigations' staff took over the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart, Wesley met again with Emil, who was acting as a middleman for an arms distributor, planning on infiltrating the latter's operation. Wesley, on behalf of the firm, offered Emil two hundred modified TS-113 sniper rifles with two conditions: first, Wesley wanted to deal directly with Emil's distributor, and second, that none of the rifles would be employed in Los Angeles. Impressed by Wesley's attitude and fearful of Wolfram & Hart's reputation, Emil agreed to Wesley's demands. However, Emil was killed seconds later by a group of Cyborgs.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Treva Etienne.