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Elisabeth (formerly known as Lisbeth) was a rather old and powerful vampire and the lover of James.


I would need a thousand [years] to sketch the perfect plain of your face.
―Elisabeth to James[src]

Elisabeth (then Lisbeth) and her lover James joined Angelus and Darla in Marseilles, France, the year 1767. The four vampires killed Count De Leon, while James and Lisbeth and burned his villa to the ground. That same night, James stole a heart-shaped locket for her. However, their attack on De Leon's villa attracted the attention of a group of gendarmes.

While Darla and Lisbeth hurried to a ship they were planning to board, Angelus and James stayed behind to fight off their attackers. Unbeknownst to Lisbeth, Angelus made a deal with vampire hunter Daniel Holtz, who had been drawn after the destruction of the village, revealing Darla's location in exchange for his life.

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Elisabeth and James

James and Lisbeth managed to escape Holtz and the pair remained together for more than two hundred years.

By 2001, James and Elisabeth established on Los Angeles and were served by a small group of vampires. One night, Elisabeth and a pair of her minions crashed a college party at Wilson College, as the dorm held a paper sign with "Everyone's invited" written on it, allowing the vampires to enter.

Elisabeth and the vampires kidnapped a young man named Bobby and his girlfriend. As the vampires drove to their lair, Elisabeth taunted Bobby, asking him if he loved his girlfriend, to which he said "yes". Afterwards, Elisabeth offered him the chance to choose between his life and hers. After he chose himself over her, Elisabeth threatened to show him the meaning of true love once they got to their lair.

However, Angel stopped the vampires in the middle of the road and fought them. Elisabeth was killed when Angel staked her, not before he ripped her old locket, which she had kept for centuries. She recognized him as her last words were "Angelus?" before she turned to dust.

Elisabeth's death sent James into a suicidal depression and into a rampage for revenge.


Watch out for the blonde. She's the worst!
―Cordelia Chase[src]

Despite her vampire status, Elisabeth seemingly was capable of a nearly total devotion to James, having kept the locket he gave to her for centuries. Yet, despite her romantic view of love, she remained a seemingly vicious killer, enjoying performing psychological torture and mind games with her victims.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Kate Norby.