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Eliane de Shaunde, born Eliane Ward, was the Slayer in the year of 1320, active in Beauport, France. She married her watcher, Michel de Shaunde, with whom she had two children.


Eliane began training as a Potential Slayer training at 13 with her watcher, Michel. As the time went on, they began to suspect that she would never be called as a Slayer. Eventually, she and her Watcher, outside the eye of the Watchers Council, fell in love, got married, and had two children: Gervais and Isabeau. She continued to fashion emergency weapons, shaping a stake underneath the head of Isabeau's wooden rattle

Weeks after Isabeau's birth, Eliane was called as a Slayer at the age of 20, much later than normal. Michel was then taken away for violating codes of conduct with his charge, sent to face the Council. With a new watcher, Gaston Roux, Eliane refused to accept her duty until her husband would be returned to her, even though Tatoul, a particularly vicious vampire, plagued her city. Gaston, fed up with Eliane's refusal to face the vampire, took it upon himself to fatally confront him. Elaine, reacting as the Slayer and not as herself, flew outside without realizing that she still had 5 year old Gervais in her arms. Tatoul snatched and sired Gervais, forcing Eliane to finally begin to fight back. Eliane trained and prepared for a month, when Tatoul, and Gervais returned for her and Isabeau. She staked Tatoul, her first kill as the Slayer. Eliane distracted Gervais allowing him to drink her blood, but their connection made her light on fire as she slayed him. Her daughter survived the event, and was given to the father.[1]



  1. Abomination
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The Slayer
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