By the Code of the Nitobe, I, Eldre Koh, am bound to the one who freed me.

Eldre Koh was a demon and a member of the Nitobe race.


Sometime prior to the end of magic, Koh was trapped in a mystical prison by an unknown foe, only to be freed when the Slayer, Buffy Summers, destroyed the Seed of Wonder. Now indebted to Buffy in accordance with his people's code, Koh made his way to San Francisco to aid her, only to end up trapped on Alcatraz Island[1].

Eventually, he was confronted by Buffy's vampire ally Spike, who mistakenly believed him to be an assassin targeting Buffy. However, after an initial skirmish, Koh explained his story and the real threat was the prophecised Siphon, a deadly being with the power to drain mystical beings of their powers and life force[2].

Spike and Koh quickly rushed to aid Buffy, only to find that her new ally Severin, who turned out to be the Siphon, already in the midst of draining her powers. Severin easily knocked out Koh and took the opportunity to begin draining Spike as well, but he was thwarted when SFPD detective Robert Dowling entered the warehouse and shot Severin repeatedly. In the aftermath, Koh attempted to encourage Spike to talk to Buffy, but Spike was reluctant[3].

Afterwards, Koh made himself at home in a cell within Alcatraz, where Buffy subsequently approached him for help in protecting Theo Daniels from Wolfram & Hart. However, Koh had secretly consulted Wolfram & Hart for help identifying the demon who originally imprisoned him, and agreed to help him if he killed Theo and kept the TinCan social network active; when Buffy confronted him on this, Koh stated that his own honor was more important than his race's code and he could not regain his honor without getting revenge[4]. After kidnapping Theo, Koh pushed to find out more about his imprisoner only for Buffy and Kennedy to stop him before he could accomplish much. He fought Buffy but in the end, escaped. [5]

Koh was later recruited into a mystical council gathered to defeat Severin by Illyria, who promised to reveal the identity of his jailer in exchange[6].

Powers and Abilities

Being from a warrior demon race, Koh possesses formidable fighting prowess on par with Spike's. He also has the ability to form energy weapons around his person; he generally uses it to form chakram-like blades around his knuckles.



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