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Ejuk was a Slayer in 2,700 B.C.E., living in Uruk, Sumer.


Born in 2,717 BCE, Ejuk was orphaned at birth, and raised by her Watcher, the royal scribe Sarkassan. She was called at seventeen years old and served under King Gilgamesh. Ejuk typically a longbow as a weapon and wore leather armor. She stood almost six feet tall, had skin nearly bronze, and green eyes.

Ejuk's watcher was eventually murdered by vampires, thus leaving her alone in the world. She was one of the four Slayers (Incinii, Marguerite Allard, and Agatha Primrose) chosen as a target by time traveling vampire assassins. She fought alongside Buffy Summers against Namtar, the Sumerian God of Plague.[1]



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Preceded by:
unknown, eventually Sineya
The Slayer
2700 BCE
Succeeded by:
unknown, eventually unidentified
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