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This article is about the freshman. For other uses, see Edward.

Eddie. Edward. I mean— Edward. But I aspire to be Eddie.

Edward, nicknamed Eddie, was a freshman at University of California, Sunnydale in 1999 and an acquaintance of Buffy Summers.


In his first night at college, Eddie met Buffy while looking for Dunwirth Hall, where his dorm room was located. Both lost, together they traced Eddie back to his dorm using the map he carried. They went separate ways, although excited about seeing each other again, after a promise of mutual help getting through the year.[1]

However, just as Buffy left, Eddie was caught by vampire Sunday and her gang of lackeys. They stole nearly every possession in his dorm and left a letter claiming that he ran away because he couldn't stand the stress of college. In reality, Eddie was sired and his body laid on their lair's floor until he woke up.[1]

Buffy noticed that Eddie was absent in Psych 105, a class they had discussed the previous night, so she started investigating his disappearance. She looked in his empty dorm and found his copy of the novel Of Human Bondage left behind, which led Buffy to realize Eddie was kidnapped, as he had told her the book was his safety blanket.[1]

Buffy found Eddie that night on campus grounds, but her relief was cut shortly when she noticed he was then a vampire. She told him she was sorry for what happened to him, though Eddie responded: "I'm not." He attacked her, but soon he was dust as Buffy staked him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Pedro Pascal, credited as Pedro Balmaceda.