Eddie. Edward. I mean - Edward. But I aspire to be Eddie.

Eddie (Edward) was a freshman at UC Sunnydale and an acquaintance of Buffy Summers.


During his first night at college he met Buffy while lost, looking for Dunwirth Hall where his dorm room had been located. Together they traced Eddie back to his dorm before Buffy departed, the two showing a potential romantic interest in each other. However, just as Buffy left he was immediately kidnapped by the vampire Sunday and her gang of lackeys who then sired him. They stole nearly every possession in his dorm and wrote a letter claiming he ran away because couldn't stand the stress of college

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Eddie as a vampire

Buffy, having noticed that he was absent in Psych 105 which he claimed to have chosen, started investigating his disappearance. She looked in his dorm and found his copy of Of Human Bondage left behind, leading her to realize Eddie was kidnapped because he said he kept it as a safety blanket. Buffy then found Eddie that night on campus grounds, now a newly turned vampire, she had no other choice by to stake him as he attacked. Before his dusting, Buffy said she was sorry for what happened to to him, though Eddie responded "I'm not" before attacking.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Pedro Pascal, credited as Pedro Balmaceda.
  • He latter Stars in Narcos with Patrick St. Espirit (Jenoff).


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