Far away from home with little money and even less hope, too many runaways find themselves on the streets, over their heads and under society's radar. But there is a place, right here in Los Angeles, that helps these troubled kids. The East Hills Teen Center.
―Holland Manners[src]

The East Hills Teen Center was a teen shelter ran by Anne Steele and originally located in Crenshaw, Los Angeles. Anne hoped to protect runaways from the dangers that she herself had to face in the city.


The East Hills Teen Center operated mostly on donations and was a client of Wolfram and Hart, as the firm hoped to get publicity for aiding the needy, with Holland Manners even appearing on a tv commercial to support the center.

A few weeks later, teenagers who went to the shelter found they were being attacked by Zombie Police officers, a problem that was eventually stopped thanks to separate efforts of both Angel and the Angel Investigations team.

The center managed to stay afloat through to 2004, mainly thanks to the Highway Robbery Ball money and other donations, and thanks to this Anne moved the center to bigger premises and hired a part-time, paid psychiatric staff for the teenagers.


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