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A duel at the Shadow Valley Vineyards happened between Buffy Summers and Caleb over the possession of the .


After the disastrous battle against Caleb, the Potential Slayers and Buffy's own friends started to question her leadership and eventually mutinied against her in favor of Faith as their new leader, forcing Buffy to leave the house. After spending a night with Spike, Buffy decided to go to the Vineyard to find out what Caleb possessed of hers there.

The duel[]

At the Vineyard, Buffy surprised Caleb and attacked him. Unlike their earlier fights, this one was much more even as Caleb's incredible strength had started to diminish as he hadn't merged with the First in a long time. Buffy and Caleb battled for a while with Buffy able to hold her own. Eventually Buffy knocked Caleb down and found the room with the Scythe embedded in a rock. Buffy easily pulled the Scythe from the rock, which Caleb was visibly nervous about. He tried to convince Buffy to give the Scythe to him without a fight, but she was ready to continue the battle. However, the First appeared in Buffy's form and informed her of the ambush in the sewers and her friends' predicament to get her to leave and give Caleb and the First time to come up with a new plan. The First ordered Caleb to let Buffy go and she left, ending the fight.


Buffy arrived just in time to save Faith and the surviving Potentials from three Turok-Hans and was given back command of her forces. The First had Caleb merge with it to replenish his diminishing strength and sent him after Buffy once again, leading to the Duel in the Guardian's tomb where Buffy finally killed him with the Scythe thanks to help from Angel.