The Battle of the Construction Site was a battle between Buffy Summers and the first Turok-Han with the Potentials and Scoobies watching.

Background Edit

In order to have a more powerful member of its army to fight, the First summons one of its Turok-Hans to fight Buffy and her forces and captures Spike. Thanks to the presence of the Turok-Han and the actions of the First, the Potentials become demoralized before the fight even begins and Buffy decides to slay the Turok-Han in front of the Potentials in order to restore their confidence. The Turok-Han follows the Potentials to an abandoned construction site where Buffy engages it in battle in front of everyone.

The Battle Edit

Buffy and the Turok-Han engage in a fight, but like last time, Buffy proves no match for it. Buffy tries everything from hitting it with a pipe to smashing it with a brick, but fails in all attempts. Even shooting it in the heart with Kennedy's crossbow doesn't stop it and the Turok-Han grabs her by the throat to choke her to death. In desperation, Buffy uses the crossbow bolt to stab it in the eye, causing it to let go of her. Afterward, the Turok-Han seems somewhat weakened and Buffy is able to beat it down. Finally Buffy decapitates the Turok-Han with a strand of barbed wire, finally killing it.

Aftermath Edit

Buffy's killing of the Turok-Han restores the Potentials' confidence. The First also stops major attacks for a while as its only major fighter is dead, but counters eventually by bringing Caleb to town. With the Turok-Han dead, Buffy easily rescues Spike from where he his held prisoner in the First's cave.

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