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Drogyn was an eternally young warrior[1] and the keeper of the Deeper Well.[2]


Drogyn was given eternal youth around the 11th century. He lived a thousand years and became known by the monikers battlebrand, demonbane, and truthsayer[1] due to his talents as a warrior and his inability to lie. Drogyn met Angel at some point and eventually became the keeper of the Deeper Well, a prison and resting place for the Old Ones.[2]

In 2004, Drogyn met Angel and Spike in the Cotswolds entrance to the Deeper Well. The vampires sought to prevent the resurrection of the Old One Illyria, who was in the process of killing Fred to claw its way back into the world. Drogyn informed them he could save Fred and draw Illyria back to the Deeper Well, but the Old One's essence would spread to and kill everyone between the Cotswolds and Los Angeles in the process. As much as they cared for Fred, Angel and Spike were unwilling to let such an atrocity happen.[2]

Months later, Drogyn was badly injured by a Sathari demon assassin, which Drogyn believed Angel had sent after him. He also believed Angel freed Illyria to kill Fred, an accomplishment that would endear Angel to the powerful Circle of the Black Thorn. However, Drogyn's misconceptions were part of Angel's efforts to trick the Circle into believing he had been corrupted by their power, and the Circle would only buy his deception if someone as good and honest as Drogyn genuinely believed Angel was evil.[1]


Angel drinks from Drogyn.

Drogyn tracked Spike down in Los Angeles to seek his help. Illyria was left with Drogyn as a bodyguard in Spike's apartment, and they bonded by playing video game together. Marcus Hamilton, an agent of Wolfram & Hart's Senior Partners, defeated Illyria and took Drogyn to the Circle. After much torture, Drogyn was presented to Angel, who drank from him and snapped his neck as a further step to infiltrate and deceive the group.[1]


  • Truth-telling: Drogyn was mystically compelled to answer all questions truthfully, which sometimes resulted in lashing out on those who asked him questions, openly threatening to kill whoever did so.[2]
  • Combat: Drogyn was known for his battle and demon-figthing abilities.[1] Angel had no doubt he could easily kill Spike,[2] and Drogyn showed no fear whatsoever of Marcus Hamilton.[1]
  • Tracking: Drogyn was also capable of tracking down beings who have visited the Deeper Well, which was how he was able to find Spike.[1]

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