Connor... its nice to see you again. And, please, call me Dravot.
―Dravot Singh[src]

Dravot Singh was an employee of Wolfram & Hart.


Dravot Singh was an employee of Wolfram & Hart who took over the new Los Angeles branch several months after the city was temporarily sent to hell by the Senior Partners. The previous L.A. branch had mysteriously disappeared and Singh worked from the new offices. He contacted Angel Investigations to discuss "business" with Angel, but found Connor running the agency instead and was unwilling to deal with him.

Connor and Laura Weathermill later contacted Singh for information about the malevolent higher being Myresto Mor, a.k.a. James. Singh initally claimed ignorance of James, but Connor eventually convinced him to share information and weaponry. Off the record, Singh admitted that the Senior Partners were "concerned" about James' activities.


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