Early Life
It's time... Time to actualize your potential, maximize your personal input, and get the most out of your afterlife. You owe it to yourself to be the best vampire you can be...
―Doug Sanders[src]

Doug Sanders was a vampire and the author of Selective Slaughter.


You are special. You each have it in you to be, not just any vampire... but a master. That's right. A master of your own destiny.
―Doug Sanders[src]

During his human life, Doug Sanders was a con man, motivational speaker and self-proclaimed "Life Coach" involved in many pyramid schemes, including a con he had baptized "Win from Within". The Justice Department and the FBI failed to arrest him, as he had disappeared. The truth is that he had been sired.

As a vampire, Sanders sought to replicate his pyramid schemes through an organization called "Doug Sanders' Selective Slaughter", in which members sired two vampires and captured at least one living human for the cult's blood bank.

Angel Investigations sent Harmony Kendall to infiltrate Sanders' organization, fearing Angel could be recognized or that a vampire might sense his soul. However, Harmony joined Sanders and betrayed AI, giving them up to her new group.

In the ensuing battle, Sanders tried to sway Angel to "update his inner beast", but succeeded only in getting decapitated.

Behind the Scenes


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