Turn two into vampires, bring one for the food bank. And no one will go hungry again. Turn two, the rest is food. Let me hear ya: "Turn two... the rest is food".
―Doug Sanders[src]

Doug Sanders' Selective Slaughter was a congregation of vampires led by a former con man and vampire "life coach" named Doug Sanders. The purpose of the organization was to create a food bank for the vampires of Los Angeles as well as increase their numbers.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2000, the organization attracted the attention of Angel Investigations when Cordelia Chase had a vision of three of their members attacking a woman. In the encounter; Angel, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Charles Gunn obtained one of the vampire's organizational robes before dusting him. This led them to a large, abandoned theater were the vampires held meetings. Needing a vampire to get in there without being noticed, the gang employed Harmony Kendall to go in undercover as Angel could not because of his soul. Harmony then went in to observe one member, Tibor, graduate to his next level and feeding on a human prisoner afterwards as an award. Having felt a sense of belonging, Harmony betrayed Angel Investigations by drawing them into a trap where they were surrounded by Doug's vampires.

In the fight, Wesley rescued the prisoners while Angel killed Doug. Though some of the other vampires were slain, the majority fled the scene along with Harmony after a confrontation with Cordelia

System[edit | edit source]

The ranking color pyramid chart and various self-help books

The main function of the group was for each member to follow a simple repetition of kidnapping three humans. The humans would be then taken to their lair where one would be put into a large metal cage among other victims where they were kept as a food source. The two others would be sired and presumably join the organization.

The members of the organization wore hooded robes with different colors; each color specifying a rank which the vampire achieved along with a human prisoner to fed on as a reward during their 'level ascension'. The robe status went in the order of the colors: black, red, blue, green, yellow and white. The robes also had the pyramid labeled on as symbols. A vampire may skip ranks if they made an extra-impressive achievement as Harmony was instantly ranked blue not long after joining when she presented them with three humans (Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia) and the infamous Angel.

Prominent Members[edit | edit source]

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