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Doris Kroeger was a social worker sent to investigate Buffy Summers.


Doris arrived to see Buffy's progress with taking care of Dawn Summers. However, she arrived at the worst possible time. Buffy's messy living room, Willow Rosenberg's magic supplies (which Buffy stupidly referred to as "magic weed"), Dawn's poor grades and spotty attendance record, the fact that Buffy is rooming with a lesbian, and Spike's attempts to help all led Doris to believe that Buffy was a poor guardian for Dawn, promising Buffy that she would be watching her very closely, and take Dawn away from her should she slip any further.

Later, when Buffy was accidentally rendered invisible by the Trio, she took advantage of this ability and went to the Social Services office. She then proceeded to set up Doris to make her appear insane, lifting up her coffee cup and repeatedly ordering her to kill. When Doris rushed off to the ladies' room, Buffy found Dawn's file and replaced Doris' report with several pages repeating the line of "All work and no play make Doris a dull girl." Convinced that Doris had suffered a break from reality, her boss ordered her to take a leave of absence, with the intent of sending someone else to interview Buffy and Dawn the next day.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Susan Ruttan.