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"Doomsday Deck" is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel. Written by Diana G. Gallagher, it was originally published on December 2000 by Pocket Books.


Arts and crafts… and evil

It's that time of the year for the Sunnydale Sidewalk Art Festival, and Buffy and the gang have been enlisted to help Joyce pre-pare for the big event. In fact, Xander's especially eager to pitch in, due to the arrival of a major hottie — a young artist named Justine. She specializes in Tarot paintings, and tells Xander that she senses much energy surrounding his aura. Xander naturally assumes his latent psychic powers have been awakened.

But Buffy's not quite ready to call the psychic hot line. She has a nagging suspicion that something about Justine is not Þve by Þve — especially after she reaches for Justine's prized Tarot deck, which causes the artist to þy off the handle in a big way. Then there's the fact that vampires appear uncomfortable in Justine's presence. One by one, each of Buffy's closest friends seem to be surrendering their free will to an unknown, unseen force…[1]


Joyce Summers is running a local art show for people from around the United States. A girl named Justine shows up the first day to sign in and Xander is immediately attracted to her. She offers to do a tarot reading for him which he agrees to. Once Xander has touched her magickal deck he comes under her control and has no will of his own. Justine is building a powerful deck of tarot cards which will allow her to control the fate of the world with the help of the goddess Kali, who, in return, wants ultimate peace on Earth.

Only Justine doesn't realize what ultimate peace is and she's come to Sunnydale to collect the last four people she needs to complete her deck of cards. Once her deck has been completed the four people remaining needed for the deck will die like the other eighteen she's used to make the deck. Buffy must figure out how her friends are being controlled and find a way to fight herself out of the power of Justine's tarot cards.




Behind the scenes

International titles

  • German: "Die Karten des Todes" (The Cards of Death)


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