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This is a disambiguation page — a list of articles associated with the same title.

  • Doc, a demon in Sunnydale.
  • The Doctor, an alias used by Spike.
  • Dr. Francis Angleman, a member of the Initiative.
  • Dr. Stanley Backer, a victim of Der Kindestod.
  • Dr. Raymond Berris, the doctor in Buffy Summers' illusory world.
  • Dr. Blackwell, a doctor at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Dr. Clark, a Sunnydale High School science teacher.
  • Dr. Counts, a doctor in Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Evans, a Los Angeles doctor who treated a cursed Cordelia Chase.
  • Dr. Fetvanovich, a demon who specialized in paranormal obstetrics.
  • Dr. Graham, a doctor at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Dr. Gold, a Sunnydale doctor who treated Faith Lehane.
  • Dr. Stephen Gregory, a Sunnydale High science teacher.
  • Dr. Gregson, a Slod demon who posed as a human doctor.
  • Dr. Gull, a doctor who treated Anne Pratt.
  • Dr. Isaacs, a physician who performed a CAT scan on Joyce Summers.
  • Dr. Kallet, a doctor who treated Xander's eye.
  • Dr. Aaron Kriegel, a doctor who performed Joyce's surgery and autopsy.
  • Dr. McCarthy, Ben's supervisor at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Dr. McKeller, a pediatrician at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Dr. Ronald Meltzer, a surgeon capable of severing and reattaching his body parts.
  • Dr. Michaels, a doctor at Fairfield Clinic.
  • Dr. Miller, a doctor at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Dr. Powell, the doctor who treated an anemic Buffy.
  • Dr. Primrose, a psychiatrist in Los Angeles and former Watcher.
  • Dr. Rabinaw, a Los Angeles psychiatric doctor.
  • Dr. Ray, a doctor at Mosaic Wellness Center.
  • Dr. Sparrow, a doctor that "upgraded" Charles Gunn for Wolfram & Hart.
  • Dr. Thomas, a doctor who treated Veronica.
  • Dr. Martha Tyson, a doctor in Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Wasserman, a doctor who treated Cordelia when she was pregnant.
  • Dr. Weirick, a zookeeper at the Sunnydale Zoo.
  • Dr. Wilkinson, a doctor who treated Buffy when she caught the fever.
  • Unidentified doctor, who treated Billy Palmer and Laura Egler.
  • Unidentified doctor, who Riley Finn consulted at Sunnydale Memorial.
  • Unidentified doctor, who analyzed Dawn Summers in San Francisco.