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Dingoes Ate My Baby was an amateur rock band which performed frequently at The Bronze.


Daniel “Oz” Osbourne and Devon MacLeish were the Dingoes’ guitarist and lead singer, respectively. Other than The Bronze, Oz mentioned once that the band was playing at The Shelter Club,[1] had a gig in Los Angeles,[2] and played at Buffy’s house party.[3]

The band played together at least for three years, from 1997[4] to 1999.[2] It is unknown what happened to the band following Oz’s departure from Sunnydale.[5]



Behind the scenes[]

  • The music of Dingoes Ate My Baby was actually composed and performed by Four Star Mary.
  • The band’s name is likely a reference to the disappearance of infant Azaria Chamberlain in central Australia in 1980, where the child’s parents claimed she was taken by a dingo. The claim was proven in 1986 by the chance discovery of a piece of Azaria’s clothing near dingo lairs, four years after the mother’s conviction and life imprisonment for murder, which were immediately overturned.