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Dingoes Ate My Baby was an amateur rock band that performed frequently at the Bronze.[1]


The band played together at least for three years, from 1997[1] to 1999.[2] Daniel "Oz" Osbourne and Devon MacLeish were the Dingoes' guitarist and lead singer, respectively.[1]

Other than the Bronze, Oz mentioned once that the band was playing at the Shelter Club,[3] had a gig in Los Angeles,[2] and played in a party at Buffy's house.[4] They also often played at UC Sunnydale frat parties, such as in Alpha Delta.[5]

The editor for The Sunnydale High Sentinel, Frederick Iverson, wrote a review in which he described that they "[played] their instruments as if they [had] plump polish sausages taped to their fingers." Oz told him that it was fair.[6]

Willow, Oz's girlfriend, had a poster of the band in her dorm room,[7][8][9] keeping it on her wall despite their break up,[10][11][12][13] but she removed when she began a relationship with Tara.[14]


The Dingoes Ate My Baby

The Dingoes perform at the Bronze.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The music of Dingoes Ate My Baby was actually composed and performed by Four Star Mary.
  • The band's name is likely a reference to the disappearance of infant Azaria Chamberlain in central Australia in 1980, where the child's parents claimed she was taken by a dingo. The claim was proven in 1986 by the chance discovery of a piece of Azaria's clothing near dingo lairs, four years after the mother's conviction and life imprisonment for murder, which were immediately overturned.