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A powerful group of witches was based in the county of Devon, England. At some point, Giles came to know its members and maintained contact with them.[1][2]


In 2002, the Devon coven sensed that Willow had become overloaded with dark magic, and they contacted Giles about the threat emerging in Sunnydale. They devised a complex plan that involved the coven giving their magic to Giles with the intention of Willow stealing it, so that it could tap into her remaining emotions and give someone the chance to reach her humanity. After he arrived, Giles bounded Willow physically and magically with his powers, but she quickly escaped.[1]

A magical duel ensued between the two as they pitted their powers against one another. After several rounds that destroyed the Magic Box shop and weakened Giles, Willow sucked the power from his body. The magic she took from him was accompanied by an emotional burst that put her in touch with the pain of all humanity, making her decide to end it by destroying the world, but allowed Xander to reach her humanity and stop her.[1]

Afterwards, Willow accompanied Giles to Westbury, England. There, she studied magic and meditation with members of the coven, such as Ms. Harkness, learning a different approach to magic.[3]

As the First Evil began its campaign to eliminate all Potential Slayers, Giles relied upon seers of the Devon coven,[4] to locate undiscovered Potentials, like Eve[4] and Amanda,[5] and research the First's plans.[6][2]

Powers and abilities[]

The Devon coven was described by Giles to be a powerful force,[1] which was subsequently proved through the feats they achieved through magic. Examples of powers it displayed were:

  • Sensing: The coven had the ability to determine the location and status of other beings, as evidenced by how it sensed Willow emerging as a new threat in Sunnydale due her overloading on dark magic.[1]
  • Precognition: The coven included members who had the ability to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. Through one of these members, Giles learned of Tara's death.[1] Later on, he depended on these members to locate undiscovered Potential Slayers.[4][5]
  • Power granting: The coven had the ability to confer magical powers to Giles, which enabled him to hold his own against Willow in a magical duel.[1] In this state, Giles was able to access potent powers such as:
    • Teleportation: Giles was able to transport himself instantaneously from one place to another.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Giles was able to move objects with his mind.[1]
    • Energy projection: Giles was able to create and manipulate powerful forms of energy, focusing them and using them to perform specific functions of both offensive and defensive natures.[1]
    • Empathy: Willow felt the pain of all humanity after sucking all the magical powers from Giles.[1]
    • Spell casting: Giles was able to cast magical spells powerful enough to contain Willow.[1]
  • Tactical thinking: The coven was shown to be good at thinking tactically, especially in complex situations where the so-called opponent was merely suffering from the pain and grief of a broken heart instead of any true malice. When Willow allowed herself to be thoroughly consumed by the powers of dark magic due to Tara's death, the coven devised a complex plan that ultimately enabled Xander to successfully reach her humanity and stop her.[1]
  • Rehabilitation/teaching: Willow underwent a rehabilitation under the guidance of the coven for her magical responsibilities. Through this tutelage, she not only developed a new better understanding of magic and balance,[3] but also embraced healthy habits such as meditation and self-restraint.[7]