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You no get? I human bean. Look. I do human bean. I proud my honor roll student.

Devlin was a green-skinned demon living in Los Angeles and an acquaintance of Lorne.


Lorne: “Oh, right, that's, uh, ah. So, tell me, that mask, uh, it is rubber, right?
Devlin: “My other car a Lamborghini.
— Lorne and Devlin[src]

Devlin attended the 2003 Wolfram & Hart Halloween Bash organized by Lorne himself. Devlin disguised himself as a "human bean", wearing and argyle sweater vest and a mask made from human skin, incurring Lorne's anger, which he hid.

However, Lorne had submitted himself to a mysthical procedure to have his sleep removed, which caused his subconscious mind to manifest as well. The creature acted out Lorne's hidden impulses, killing those Lorne secretly considered evil, Devlin included.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Jim Blachette.