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A vampire comes into my place looking to kill a demon to save human beings? Well, I figured if something like that could happen, then there really must be good in the world.

Denver was the owner of Book City and ally of Angel


1952  []

That's right. Run coward of the night! And tell your buddies I'm thinking very seriously about putting down my bedroll right here, so you bastards can't just walk in here uninvited! You got any idea who you're dealing with?"
―Denver, defending his shop.[src]

Denver as a young man

By his late thirties, Denver already made a negative reputation of himself among the demon community. Angel visited him to get information on dealing with a Thesulac demon which haunted the Hyperion Hotel. Knowing Angel was a vampire, Denver tried to fend him off with holy items but Angel disarmed him before explaining that he didn't bite humans. Denver then supplied Angel with the information and some of the tools in order to kill Thesulac which Angel would only do almost five decades later. 

2000  []

Legend says that the Kleynach rose up from their demon world, raped and pillaged the villages of man and all who fought against them were incinerated, whether they struck with fist or sword. But one brave and worthy knight - he had a glove. Fashioned and blessed by all the powers of light. And whoever wore this glove could kill the Kleynach just by grabbing it at the throat. Picked up in seventy-five in a yard sale in Covina. Been using it as an oven mitt. Now, I give it to you. No charge. 'cause the truth is you did change my life. And I got a feeling this time things are gonna go...
―Denver, saying his last worlds[src]

After his experience with a good demon, Denver's worldview then changed for the good. No longer paranoid about demons he now saw that there was a chance at good in the world. Angel visited Denver once again when needing information on killing a Kleynach demon in order to obtained a mystical ring that would take him to hell. In order to get the ring, Angel would need to the kill the Kleynach with a mystical glove. Fortunately, Denver picked up one of these gloves during a yard sale in Covina in 1975 and has been using it has an oven mitt. Denver then gave Angel the glove for free, happy to aid Angel in his mission. However, Denver then died when Darla stabbed him with a sword from behind before taking the glove for herself.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Brett Rickaby and Thomas Kopache.