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Dennis Pearson was a ghost that haunted Cordelia Chase's apartment in Los Angeles.[1]


Dennis lived with his mother Maude in the Pearson Arms. In 1946, when Maude learned that he was leaving to be with his girlfriend, she tied him up and trapped him inside a brick wall she built. Maude then died of a heart attack and Dennis was considered disappeared.[1]

In 1999, Cordelia moved into the apartment. The Angel Investigations team discovered that the apartment was haunted by the spirit of Dennis' mother, Maude. Cordelia eventually broke down a wall in her house, revealing the still tied-up body of Dennis. It unleashed the Dennis' spirit, who destroyed his mother's ghost.[1]

Dennis's ghost still inhabited the apartment, and Cordelia refused to move out. He then resided with her as an invisible, and rather benevolent, roommate.[1] He would prepare a surprise birthday party for her[2] and was considered "good with the loofah."[3]


Dennis' ghost trapped inside the wall.

Dennis was very attached to Cordelia. Dennis would also try to prevent the entrance of visitors with hidden bad intentions, such as Wilson Christopher,[4] Faith Lehane,[5] and Harmony Kendall,[6] generally by disrupting a conversation by slamming doors.

Their living situation continued until Cordelia ascended to be a higher being in 2002, when Dennis "confronted" her friends about taking Cordelia's possessions out of the apartment.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

Dennis' true form

Dennis' ghostly form.

Dennis usually remained invisible and, unlike his mother, didn't possess a visible human form. However, when he did manifest physically, he took the form of a ghostly face surrounded by tendrils of light.[1]

Behind the scenes[]