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Cordelia: “Demons, Demons, Demons. Wow! They put a lot of thought into that title.
Wesley: “It’s a demon database. What would you call it?
Cordelia: “I don’t know. How about Demon Database?
Cordelia Chase and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

Demons, Demons, Demons — The Demon Database was a website used to research demons, under the address

The main page contained a form to browse within its database, with fields dedicated to hair, skin, presence of slime, claws/hands, smell, and “other characteristics”. The website also included pages on demon lore, history, habitats, and maps.


The website was used by Cordelia Chase in her research. Using the description of “bald – ultra white skin – slime”, she identified the Howler demon species. Although a useful and quick resource, Wesley noticed that the database was still incomplete compared to books, as it did not include the Vigories of Oden-Tal.[1]

Winifred Burkle also used the website for information on Sahjhan,[2] as well as Dawn Summers used it to research Gnarl.[3]




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