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“'Demons, Demons, Demons'. Wow! They put a lot of thought into that title.
Cordelia Chase[src]

Demons, Demons, Demons — The Demon Database was a website used to research demons, under the address www.demonsdemonsdemons.com. The main page contained a form to browse within its database, with fields dedicated to hair, skin, presence of slime, claws/hands, smell, and "other characteristics." The website also included pages on demon lore, history, habitats, and maps.[1]


The website was first used by Cordelia in 2000 in her research while working at Angel Investigations. According to the database, there were a dozen demon species indigenous to L.A. County alone. Using the description of bald, ultra white skin, slime, claw-like hands, sulfuric smell, and eerie high-pitched wail, Cordelia identified the Howler demon species for a client. Although a useful and quick resource, Wesley noticed that the database was still incomplete compared to books, as it did not include the Vigories of Oden Tal.[1]

In 2001, when presenting a computer to Holtz, Sahjhan had the main page of Demons, Demons, Demons open.[2] Fred then used the website for information on Sahjhan, but found anything through his name.[3]

In 2002, Dawn used the database to research demons that skin or flay their victims, finally identifying Gnarl along with his description.[4] Willow also accessed the website to search for the First Evil but found nothing.[5]