“'Demons, Demons, Demons'. Wow! They put a lot of thought into that title.
Cordelia Chase[src]

Demons, Demons, Demons — The Demon Database was a website used to research demons, under the address

The main page contained a form to browse within its database, with fields dedicated to hair, skin, presence of slime, claws/hands, smell, and “other characteristics”. The website also included pages on demon lore, history, habitats, and maps.


The website was first used by Cordelia Chase in 2000 in her research while working at Angel Investigations. According to the database, there were a dozen demon species indigenous to LA County alone. Using the description of bald, ultra white skin, slime, claw-like hands, sulfuric smell, and eerie high-pitched wail, Cordelia identified the Howler demon species for a client. Although a useful and quick resource, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce noticed that the database was still incomplete compared to books, as it did not include the Vigories of Oden-Tal.[1]

In 2001, when presenting a computer to Daniel Holtz, Sahjhan had the main page of Demons, Demons, Demons open.[2] Winifred Burkle then used the website for information on Sahjhan, but found anything through his name.[3]

In 2002, Dawn Summers used the database to research demons that skin or flay their victims, finally identifying Gnarl along with his description.[4]




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