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A Demon hunter is an individual who has devoted him or herself to track and exterminate demons. The term includes but is not limited to the Slayer, who, historically, has filled the role of a super-powered demon hunter.

Known Demon Hunters Edit

  • Colonel Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce: A member of the Watchers Council and officer in the British army during WWI.
  • Sid the Dummy: A demon hunter who was imprisoned in the body of wooden dummy during his hunt for the Brotherhood of Seven.
  • Angel: Ensouled vampire who fights demons and other forces of evil on his path to redemption.
  • Spike: Another vampire who became a demon hunter after a chip was implanted in his brain that prevented him to harm humans, later by choice because of his love for Buffy. Eventually he was ensouled as well, lost the chip and became a force of good by free will.
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Former member of the Watchers Council became a rogue demon hunter.
  • Connor
  • The Initiative members

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