Some demons sitting by the counter being served by a human bartender

They're demons! It's a demon bar. It's like a gay bar, only with demons.

A Demon bar was an establishment that specifically catered to vampires, demons and by extension humans. These bars sold alcohol as well as food favored by demons, such as blood for vampires, and was tended by demons and humans alike.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Willy's Place[edit | edit source]

See Willy's Place

Willy the Snitch owned a bar in Sunnydale named Willy's Bar, later named Willy's Place, that served demons and humans. People would also come there to gain information about demon activity.[1][2][3]

Caritas [edit | edit source]

See Caritas

Caritas was a karaoke bar owned by Lorne in Los Angeles that patroned demons and humans. It also allowed customers to be "read" by Lorne while singing to see how their destiny was. The bar was enchanted with a Sanctuary Spell, preventing demon violence. However, there was a loophole in the spell's function as it didn't prevent humans committing acts of violence, leading to Gunn's crew holding the bar hostage until the spell was broken, allowing the demons to fight back.[4]

Rory's Pub[edit | edit source]

See Rory's Pub

The demon Rory owned a pub in Magic Town which served demons and humans, similar to Willy's Place. People would also come there to gain information about supernatural activity.

Slurg's Supernatural-American Social Club[edit | edit source]

See Slurg's Supernatural-American Social Club

BuffyDawn, and Spike beat up several patrons of this bar in San Francisco in an attempt to get information on Dracula's whereabouts, after he stole Xander and the Vampyr book. It had a pool table, dart board, bar, and kitchen.[5]

Suppurating Sore Social Club[edit | edit source]

See Suppurating Sore Social Club

Searching for information on The Sculptor in San Francisco, Spike prevented an illegal Kitten Poker game, saving the seven cats to be gambled.[6]

Other bars  [edit | edit source]

  • In the Wishverse, The Bronze, patronized by the Order of Aurelius was a vampire bar.
  • When Darla was dying from syphilis after being resurrected, she went to a demon bar where she convinced a vampire to sire her, only for Angel to stake him before he could get his fangs on her.[7]
  • In a place outside of Sunnydale, a demon bar was being patronized by the Hellions who left to Sunnydale after hearing that the Slayer was actually a robot.[8]
  • Spike once took Buffy to a demon bar so that they could question demons on the recent strange activity Buffy experience caused, not to her knowledge, by the Trio. Kitten poker was played in the back room.[9]
  • After shooting Buffy, to which he wrongly thought killed her, Warren Mears celebrated at a demon bar only to discover that Buffy survived the attack.[10]
  • Buffy and Spike took Kennedy, Rona, Vi and Molly to a demon bar as part of their training.[11]
  • After losing his soul a second time, Angelus visited a demon bar where he was given a warm welcome from the patrons. He went into the bar in order to find the Beast. He came there again to celebrate after killing the Beast, only to be telepathically contacted by the Beast's masterFaith Lehane and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce questioned one of the demon at the bar who directed them to the backroom where vampires and humans patrons shot up on orpheus. Unlike Caritas, deaths and beatings could go on in this bar without intervention.[12][13]
  • The settlement that was located where Sunnydale use to be was overrun by vampires and demons. They were stationed at a local tavern before it was attacked and destroyed by Naayéé'neizgháni.[14]

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