Demonic species listed by appearance.

Name Image Debut
Darla3 Vampire "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
She-Mantis 2 She-Mantis "Teacher's Pet"
B1x08 Moloch 02 Moloch the Corruptor "I Robot, You Jane"
Buffy109-marc2 Brotherhood of Seven "The Puppet Show"
00dd4kg7-1- Hellmouth spawn "Prophecy Girl"
Reptile Boy Main Machida "Reptile Boy"
Eyghon jenny Eyghon the Sleepwalker "The Dark Age"
Norman Pfister Norman Pfister "What's My Line, Part One"
2X12BE1643 Bezoar "Bad Eggs"
Thejudge The Judge "Surprise"
218 KilledByDeath Der Kindestod "Killed by Death"
Buffy221-whistler Whistler "Becoming, Part One"
Acathla Acathla "Becoming, Part One"
Ken Unidentified species "Anne"
Buffy302-ovomavoni Ovu Mobani "Dead Man's Party"
Kulak03 Miquot Clan "Homecoming"
Lurconis Lurconis "Band Candy"
Lagos Lagos "Revelations"
3X09WISH0039 Unidentified species "The Wish"
Anyanka2 Vengeance demon "The Wish"
Amends bringer Harbingers of Death "Amends"
Gingerbreaddemon Hans and Gretta Strauss "Gingerbread"
Jhe Sisterhood of Jhe "The Zeppo"
Balthazar Balthazar "Bad Girls"
Skyler Skyler "Enemies"
Mage01 Shrouded Man "Enemies"
640px-Telepath Demon Unidentified species "Earshot"
Capture d’écran 2011-02-10 à 16.32.12 Unidentified species "Choices"
Hell Hound Hellhound "The Prom"
Olvikan Old One "Graduation Day, Part Two"
BtVS ShareTime Mok'tagar demon "The Freshman"
Lucas Brachen demon "City Of"
Talamour Burrower demon "Lonely Hearts"
Gachnar02 Gachnar "Fear, Itself"
Griff Kailiff demon "Rm w/a Vu"
Angel107-richard2 Ano-Movic Clan "The Bachelor Party"
Angel108-mohra Mohra demon "I Will Remember You"
Angel109-elderlister Lister Clan "Hero"
Trask The Scourge "Hero"
Gentlemen The Gentlemen "Hush"
Footmen Footmen "Hush"
EmpathDemon Empath demon "Parting Gifts"
Angel110-kungai Kungai demon "Parting Gifts"
Angel110-demon1 Unidentified species "Parting Gifts"
Number 112 Unidentified species "Parting Gifts"
Partinggifts0950 Unidentified species "Parting Gifts"
Vahrall Demon Vahrall demon "Doomed"
Giles 4x12 Fyarl demon "A New Man"
Angel112-haxil Haxil beast "Expecting"
Polgara01 Polgara "The I in Team"
113na7 Oden-Tal species "She"
Buffy414 514 Unidentified species "Goodbye Iowa"
Ethros01 Ethros demon "I've Got You Under My Skin"
Courier demon Unidentified species "This Year's Girl"
Kwaini2-1- Kwaini demon "The Prodigal"
Angel115-ugly Unidentified species "The Prodigal"
Angel116-howler Howler demon "The Ring"
1x16 thering valtrepkos Val Trepkos "The Ring"
Tomcribb Unidentified species "The Ring"
Mellish Mellish "The Ring"
Lassovic 2 Lasovic "The Ring"
Baker Baker "The Ring"
Buffy417 0745 Unidentified species "Superstar"
Angel118-demons Unidentified species "Five by Five"
Angel119-demon Unidentified species "Sanctuary"
Lina Lina "War Zone"
Angel120-demon4 Mofo demon "War Zone"
Vocah's Face Vocah "To Shanshu in L.A."
Lorne01 Deathwok Clan "Judgement"
Carnyss Demon Carnyss demon "Judgement"
Merl Parasite demon "Judgement"
Mordar Mordar the Bentback "Judgement"
Protector prio motu Prio Motu demon "Judgement"
Angel201-durthok Durthock the Child Eater "Judgement"
Angel201-judge The Tribunal "Judgement"
Thesulac demon Thesulac demon "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been"
Replacement Toth Tothric Clan "The Replacement"
Deevak Deevak "First Impressions"
Thrall Demon Thrall demon "Dear Boy"
230px-24Family24 Baby Lei-Ach demon "Family"
Davric demon Davric demon "Guise Will Be Guise"
S5stills075 Chaos demon "Fool for Love"
Buffy519 0869-1- Unidentified species "Shadow"
2x08TSOR0967 M. James Menlo "The Shroud of Rahmon"
Vyasa Vyasa "The Shroud of Rahmon"
Queller Queller demon "Listening to Fear"
Tor Tor "The Trial"
Angel212-boone Boone "Blood Money"
Angel213-torto Torto demon "Happy Anniversary"
Lubber Demon 2 Lubber demon "Happy Anniversary"
Angel213 351 Wainakay demon "Happy Anniversary"
Skilosh demon Skilosh demon "Reprise"
Kleynach senior partners Kleynach demon "Reprise"
Doc Doc "Forever"
Ghora2 Ghora demon "Forever"
Pockla Demon Pockla demon "Dead End"
2x19BELONG0791 Drokken beast "Belonging"
Vakma Gathwok Clan "Over the Rainbow"
Silas Covenant of Trombli "Over the Rainbow"
Seekul Unidentified species "Over the Rainbow"
Groosalugg Groosalugg "Through the Looking Glass"
Demon(theGift) Unidentified demon "The Gift"
Angel222-captain The Captain "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
Urkonn2 Urkonn of the D'Avvrus Big City Girl
Tauron Tauron Ready, Steady...
Ocypete Ocypete Ready, Steady...
Shur-hod demon "Heartthrob"
Angel301-gregson Slod demon "Heartthrob"
3x18DON0255 Codger demon "Heartthrob"
Razor Hellions "Bargaining, Part One"
Chinese female demon Unidentified species "That Vision-Thing"
Angel302-boildemon Unidentified species "That Vision-Thing"
Brain Man Unidentified species "That Vision-Thing"
Skip Unidentified species "That Vision-Thing"
Billy Blim Billy Blim "That Vision-Thing"
The Ghostly Demon Unidentified species "After Life"
240px-Angel303-demon1 Yarbnie demon "That Old Gang of Mine"
Baby Killer demon Unidentified species "That Old Gang of Mine"
3x03TOGOM1781 Nurbatch demon "That Old Gang of Mine"
Mfashnik M'Fashnik "Flooded"
Buffy605 0389-1- Unidentified species "Life Serial"
Buffy605 0752-1- Unidentified species "Life Serial"
Clem 2 Loose-Skinned Demon "Life Serial"
Demon 3 Unidentified species "Life Serial"
Demon triple Unidentified species "Life Serial"
Demon 2 Unidentified species "Life Serial"
Durslar Beast Durslar beast "Fredless"
Bug Demon Unidentified species "Fredless"
Buffy 6x07 OMwF 0060 Unidentified species "Once More, with Feeling"
Sweet Sweet "Once More, with Feeling"
Sweet's Minions Unidentified species "Once More, with Feeling"
3x07OFFSP1281 Unidentified species "Offspring"
Sahjahn conroy 3872 Granok demon "Offspring"
Teeth Bro'os "Tabula Rasa"
Grappler Demon Grappler demon "Quickening"
Fetvanovich Fetvanovich "Quickening"
Connor Connor "Lullaby"
Mandraz Mandraz "Wrecked"
Lilliaddemon Lilliad demon "Dad"
Demon alter Unidentified species "Birthday"
EvilCordy Cordelia Chase "Birthday"
Wig lady snake Unidentified species "Doublemeat Palace"
Nahdra-demons Nahdrah demon "Provider"
Rwasundi Rwasundi demon "Dead Things"
Oafa sword demon Unidentified species "Older and Far Away"
Angel314-senihd Senih'D demon "Couplet"
Demon prostitute Unidentified species "Couplet"
Hotblonde37159 Unidentified species "Couplet"
Gates.fray Unidentified species Tales
SuvolteDemon Suvolte demon "As You Were"
Krelvin Krelvin "Hell's Bells"
Tentacle Unidentified species "Hell's Bells"
Jeune démon Unidentified species "Hell's Bells"
Sara Harris (age 8) Sara Harris "Hell's Bells"
Stewart burn Stewart Burns "Hell's Bells"
Wraith-ers demons Wraith-er demon "Sleep Tight"
Glark Glarghk Guhl Kashmas’nik "Normal Again"
Jenoff Jenoff "Double or Nothing"
Repo demon Repo demon "Double or Nothing"
Skench demon Skench demon "Double or Nothing"
Nezzla Demon Nezzla demon "Seeing Red"
Sluk.demon Sluk "The Price"
Quor'toth Demon Unidentified species "The Price"
Bartender Unidentified species "Villains"
Asphyx Demon Asphyx demon "Villains"
Reg.3561.15 Sluggoth demon "Beneath You"
Tumblr ll9gtyms4U1qgmt5yo1 500 Gnarl "Same Time, Same Place"
Avilas Avilas "Help"
Eater demon Unidentified species "Slouching Toward Bethlehem"
Grimslaw Demon 3 Grimslaw demon "Selfless"
Assassi Unidentified species "Him"
Voynok Demon 2 Voynok demon "Supersymmetry"
Beast The Beast "Spin the Bottle"
300px-Turok-Han Turok-Han "Never Leave Me"
Torg Torg "Showtime"
Imposant demon Unidentified species "Potential"
Souleater Soul Eater "Calvary"
Bohg'dar demon Bohg'dar demon "Salvage"
S7stills042 Lissa "First Date"
Francis Froctor demon "Release"
D'Korr D'Korr "Get It Done"
Demongetitdone Unidentified species "Get It Done"
Shadowdemonbuffy Unidentified species "Get It Done"
Finger eating demon II Unidentified species "The Magic Bullet"
Sacrifice Zealots "Sacrifice"
Groxlar Grox'lar beast "Just Rewards"
PDVD 004 Unidentified species "Just Rewards"
Angel S5 stills Sebassis Unidentified species "Life of the Party"
PDVD Devlin Devlin "Life of the Party"
Tezca Tezcatcatl "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco"
Eli Eli "Harm's Way"
VinjiII Vinji Clan "Harm's Way"
Sahrvin Clan Sahrvin Clan "Harm's Way"
Selminth Parasite Selminth parasite "Soul Purpose"
Izzy Devil "You're Welcome"
Puppets Unidentified species "Smile Time"
Dungeon demon Unidentified species "Underneath"
Kith'harn Demon Kith'harn demon "Origin"
Cyvus Vail II Cyvus Vail "Origin"
Fellbrethren Fell Brethren "Time Bomb"
Goran Maid Goran Clan "The Girl in Question"
Senator Helen Brucker "Power Play"
Boretz Demon Boretz demon "Power Play"
Lord westwood Kr'ph After the Fall, Part One
BettaGeorge Splenden beast After the Fall, Part One
Spider Maria Harley After the Fall, Part Two
Sephrilian Tichajt Anywhere but Here
Kabuki Kabuki demon Wolves at the Gate, Part One
Butterfield Butterfield Wolves at the Gate, Part Two
Ms. clean Ms. Clean Spike: After the Fall, Part One
Sadecki Sadecki demon Spike: After the Fall, Part Two
Non Non Spike: After the Fall, Part Two
B19-012 Unidentified species Time of Your Life, Part Two
Vampy.cats The Swell Swell
Ragna.demon Ragna demon Predators and Prey
Octobitch Unidentified species Safe
B8-25-00b Thricewise Living Doll
BTVS Season 8 -26 12 Unidentified species Retreat, Part One
Spike's crew Unidentified species Stranger Things
Angel 01 0010 Plagiarus demon Live Through This, Part One
P00016 xxxxXXX Unidentified species Live Through This, Part One
Eldre Koh Blade Nitobe Freefall, Part One
Baphon Baphon Live Through This, Part Two
Kuurth Triune demon Live Through This, Part Two
FraserDemon Mal Fraser Live Through This, Part Three
Superbia Superbia In Perfect Harmony
Lorophage Lorophage demon Daddy Issues, Part One
21 Succubus A Dark Place, Part Two
Black widower demon Black Widower demon A Dark Place, Part Three
Peru Lizards Unidentified species Death and Consequences, Part One
Balloon monster Unidentified species Welcome to the Team, Part Two
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.41.06 PM Ender Spike and Faith
Hamelin demon Hamelin demon I Wish, Part One
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 007-016 Siren I Wish, Part Two
The Soul Glutton The Soul Glutton Return to Sunnydale, Part One
Najakot Demon Najakot demon Lost and Found, Part Four
The Sculptor The Sculptor Day Off (or Harmony In My Head)
Morituri Morituri Old Demons, Part One
Succubus 2 Incubus Triggers
Centipede demon Unidentified species In Pieces on the Ground, Part One
Horned Gorilla Unidentified species In Pieces on the Ground, Part One
Flying-brain-demon Unidentified species In Pieces on the Ground, Part Two
Anharrans Anharrans demons In Pieces on the Ground, Part Four
Skeleton demon Unidentified species Own It, Part Five
Cuclidus demon Cuclidus demon "Parental Parasite"
B11-01-00b-a Vermis mysteriis The Spread of Their Evil