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I pledge my life and death... to the Delta Zetas and to Machida whom we serve.
―Pledge of loyalty to the Delta Zetta Kappa and Machida[src]

The Delta Zeta Kappa was a misogynistic fraternity at Crestwood College, formed by extremely wealthy and successful students. For generations, they had been worshipers of the demon Machida, to whom they sacrificed teenage girls in exchange for wealth, power and success. Members were identified by the scale-shaped scars that they bore on the chests, the number of scars indicating hierarchy within the fraternity.

In 1996, the fraternity fed Brittany Oswald and Kelly Percell to Machida in the last successful sacrifice. The next year, however, when they attempted to do so with Buffy Summers, Cordelia Chase, and Callie Anderson, they failed, and Machida was slain by Buffy.

All members of Delta Zeta at the time were arrested and sentenced to consecutive life sentences for the disappearances of their victims.

Many businesses founded by former Delta Zetas suddently suffered from, among other things, falling profits, IRS raids, and suicides in the boardroom. This may be caused by the disappearance of the demon Machida (in case he had a real influence), or most likely by the scandal caused by the fraternity activities.