Battle for angel's soul

Cordelia (possessed by Jasmine) preventing the Delothrian's Arrow from reaching its inteded target--the Muo-Ping.

The Delothrian's Arrow is a magical arrow that could be fired at any object in the world without the shooter even knowing were the target was. It can be created by harnessing Delothrian's ebb from the spirit world, and focusing it into some form of container.

According to Wesley, the Delothrian's Arrow was traditionally used to protect good magicks.

Willow Rosenberg used a Delothrian's Arrow to destroy the Muo-Ping, releasing Angel's soul into the Ether from where it could then be restored.

Ingredients / Requirements

  • Delothrian's ebb
  • Recital (Native): Open the window, fill the stone. Inside, outside, two made one. Find your target, leave my side!


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