Deepscan was a company founded by Kennedy, where members of the rich elite hired Slayers as bodyguards, either for demon or non-demon related protection.

Since the return of magic, the company became a military contractor, acting worldwide[1][2].

Known members


  • Theo Daniels - Buffy and Kennedy were hired by Theo to protect him from Wolfram and Hart, who were planning to kill him.
  • Billy Rage - Faith and Mai were sent to keep unwanted people away from rockstar Billy Rage and make sure he'd get in the limo after the show without vomiting on himself.
  • Reese Zane - When Walt Zane went missing in the South American jungle, his daughter Reese hired Deepscan to bring him back alive. Also missing were Samantha Finn, who was part of the follow-up team, and her husband Riley, who disappeared when he went after his wife.


Buffy Season Nine

Buffy Season Ten

Angel & Faith Season Ten

Buffy Season Eleven


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  2. In Pieces on the Ground, Part Two