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The Dedication is the final step before my Ascension. I have waited longer than you can imagine for this.
Richard Wilkins[src]

The Dedication was a dark ritual required by one who wished to achieve Ascension. It rendered the caster invulnerable to any kind of harm for one hundred days, as any damage or injury they receive would heal almost instantly, without any visible signs of pain, even if they were literally being cut in half.[1]


Richard Wilkins performed the Dedication as part of his plot to Ascend into the embodiment of the demon Olvikan. The effects of the spell made him invulnerable until his transformation,[1] after which he was once again vulnerable to certain kinds of damage.[2]


  • Inverted pentagram[1]
  • Candles lit, one at each point of the pentagram[1]
  • Recitation (Latin): "Potestatem matris nostrae in tenebris invoco maledictum filium tuum ab omni periculo custodias nunc et in saecula!" (Translation: I call upon the forces of our mother in darkness, protect your unholy son from harm, now and forever!)[1]