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Deathwok Clan was a demon species native to Pylea.[1]


Deathwok demons form a tribal society of hunters, warriors, and farmers, in which the most powerful warriors and hunters were held in the highest esteem, regardless of their species. Young Deathwoks were expected to train in order to use their anagogic powers to track down prey, those who refused to follow the clans' traditions were rejected and their families looked with contempt.[2]

Deathwok demons occasionally devoured fugitive human slaves beheaded at ritual executions called Bach-nals. These demons also engaged in cannibalism; sometimes, one of two brothers was devoured by the parents.[2]

Like the Pylean demons of the Gathwok Clan, Deathwoks expressed collective emotion through silent dances such as the Dance of Joy, the Dance of Honor,[2] the Dance of Shame, and the Dance of Revolution.[3]

Physiology and powers[]

Deathwok demons had bright green skin, with two small horns and scales on their foreheads. Their hearts were located on their left buttocks. Deathwoks of any gender were able to grow facial hair.[2]

The most recognizable ability of the Deathwoks was their empathetic powers, being able to perceive the auras, thoughts, and feelings of other beings. Through training, Deathwok warriors and hunters learned to use their power to sense and track their prey. Due to Lorne's refusal to become a warrior, his power instead developed to allow him to read the auras of others when they sang or were in emotional distress.[2]

Another of the Deathwok's most noteworthy abilities was surviving beheading. If the extremities of a beheaded Deathwok were not severed from the torso, the head could live indefinitely and be reattached to the body without any surgical aid.[3]

Deathwoks were also immune to the effects of Earthly alcohol, though they could become drunk on magical brews.

They also had superior hearing; however, any kind of singing caused them extreme pain, having no music in Pylea. This weakness was shared by the Gathwok Clan.[2][3] Lorne was the only known exception, along with the Groosalugg due to his human ancestry.

Known demons[]