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Death and Consequences, Part Two is the seventeenth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on December 19, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


Longtime nemesis Ethan Rayne has set the final piece of Giles's soul practically in Angel's lap. To complicate things further, the loss of a Slayer has sent Nadira and her group into the fray with their sights set on Angel now more than ever!


Many years ago. Ethan tattoos a reluctant Diedre with the Mark of Eyghon, but suddenly their friend Randall undergoes radical side effects of magic abuse and starts to turn into a demon. Ethan cannot remember the complete spell to undo this, but Rupert "Ripper" Giles arrives and quickly saves Randall.

Now. In Giles' former house, Angel begins trying to console Faith for her Slayer shunning her. However, Faith claims she gave up everything to help Angel because she owned him, but now he owes her. Her one request is that he finish his quest and bring Giles back. Angel agrees and proposes they go to the funeral home to search for clues as to who could have stolen Giles' body.

In the basement of a mansion in Guildford, Nadira and the other Slayers watch as Giles prepares to resurrect Marianne. Nadira questions how he can perform such a feat, angering him, and he accuses her of wanting to steal from him. One of the other Slayers calms Nadira down, and Giles starts painting symbols on Marianne's body, including the Mark of Eyghon.

The security cameras at the funeral home are no help to Angel and Faith, but, on their way back home, Faith explains there were two viewings; she attended the one for the supernatural folk, while Lavinia and Sophronia attended the regular one. They go to question the sisters.

Giles tells the gathered slayers to sit outside and focus on Marianne. He does not want them in the same room with him, claiming he has to be naked for the ritual. After a few minutes, Nadira decides she wants to know what is going on and, as she is ready to go into the room, Giles walks back in with Marianne, seemingly alive and well.

Back at the Giles residence, Angel and Faith question Lavinia and Sophronia. They find out little more than what they already knew until Sophronia reads one of the names from the guestbook: Ethan Rayne. Angel and Faith explain he was killed with a shot in his head way before Giles. Lavinia and Sophronia insist it was really him at the funeral, remembering he wore a hat, which Angel guesses was to cover up the bullet hole. Angel says he already knew who was behind it all, but now he knows how to find him. He grabs a book from a shelf with the Mark of Eyghon on the back cover.

Meanwhile, the Slayers are happy to have Marianne back, but Nadira suspects something is wrong. She discovers Marianne cannot remember much, not even her own last name. Nadira rips the bow from Marianne's neck, revealing the unhealed bite wound from her death. Quickly, Giles turns his head to the point of breaking it and calls for backup. Giles, Marianne, the security guards, and decaying zombies attack the Slayers, and Giles admits he planned to kill them in their sleep to use them as host bodies.

Angel explains he knew the last piece of Giles' soul was in the possession of Eyghon, a demon capable of possessing human hosts. Ethan is still dead; Eyghon has just used his body. Now, Eyghon is using Giles.

Years ago. As Eyghon possesses Randall, Giles and Ethan cast spells to stop the demon from breaking free, which kills Randall in the process. Giles warns Ethan that Eyghon will eventually claim his vengeance.

Now. While the Eyghon-possessed Giles and his army fight the Slayers, the girls figure out they need to cut off the zombie's heads. However, whenever the zombies knock one of the Slayers out, the girl becomes possessed too. Nadira figures Giles is not the actual leader, and she heads toward the basement to find out who. There, she finds the possessed Ethan, more zombies, and Eyghon himself.


  • Faith tells Angel the main reason she has helped him is because he helped her find redemption in "Sanctuary." 
  • Olivia is mentioned to be at Giles' funeral. She was last seen in "Hush" in a casual relationship with Giles.
  • Angel and Faith discussed Ethan's death in The Long Way Home, Part Four.
  • Eyghon was last seen in "The Dark Age."



Organizations and titles[]





Rituals and spells[]

Death count[]

  • Randall, killed with Giles and Ethan's banishing spell (flashbacks).
  • Three zombies, beheaded by Slayers.

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Ethan: "Yes, of course. 'Here's the key to power. Now don't use it.' That's what all the books say, don't they? We're breaking down the old barriers. Making the occult serve us, not the other way around. I've done it myself. We all have. Actually being possessed... by a being that was old when the world was young... It's the most incredible high."
Faith: "Shut up. After you killed Giles — after your breakdown, whatever you wanna call it — y'know why I took you in? Because I owed you. Because when I hit bottom, you helped me. So I helped you. I backed you on this whacked-out mission to resurrect Giles. I lied to the girls about you. Started blowing them off when they needed me, 'cause I was busy almost getting killed. I pissed away any friggin' purpose I had in my miserable excuse for a life. Everything I gave a damn about is gone. Because of you. So y'know what? Debt paid. Now you owe me."
Angel: "Of course. Just tell me what—"
Faith: "It's easy. You're gonna see your quest through. Come hell or high water. After all you've taken from me, you're gonna give me one thing back. Him."
Lavinia: "This is a waste of time. I assure you, when everyone left, Rupert was still snug in his coffin."
Angel: "Obviously he was taken after the viewing. Before the coffin was loaded into the hearse. That's a short window. Lots of people around. I checked out the mortuary workers. No criminal records, no money problems, no ties to supernatural. It wasn't them. So whoever did this needed an excuse to be there. Like being a mourner. Okay, can you leave the planning to someone who's actually done detective work?"
Sophronia: "Clearly someone isn't aware of my tenure at the Disco Doll Detective Agency in the seventies..."
Faith: "She's got a point, though. If I was gonna steal a body, I don't think I'd sign a guest book."
Lavinia: "Oh, I saw to it everyone signed it. Largely because I couldn't recall any of their names."
Lavinia: "He'd actually become quite handsome... Cut a dashing figure in that old-fashioned hat. I almost hoped he'd make a pass."
Sophronia: "At a funeral? You are a trollop, aren't you?"
Ethan: "Well done, mate. I thought we were buggered for a minute there."
Giles: "We are, Ethan. Sooner or later... we'll pay for what we've done."