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Death and Consequences, Part Three is the eighteenth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on January 30, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


A demon from Giles's past is turning innocent Slayers into zombies. Angel and Faith must rally the remaining Slayers if there is any chance to defeat this cunning demon!


Many years ago. Rupert "Ripper" Giles performs in a club with his punk band, Wretched. His grandmother, Edna, finds him backstage and tells him she worries about the disturbing things she heard. She talks to him about persevering against our demons, but Ripper asks what to do when we already failed.

Now. Nadira and the other Slayers are not doing well in their fight against Eyghon's zombie horde. More Slayers are being knocked unconscious and possessed by Eyghon. As the zombies surround the remaining Slayers, Angel and Faith enter the fray. Giles approaches Faith and distracts her, which allows him to knock her out. Nadira reacts quickly and gives Faith a shallow cut, waking her up before Eyghon could gain control.

Angel fights Giles off and then goes up against Eyghon himself, allowing Faith, Nadira, and the other Slayers to escape. Nadira is angry that Faith worries about Angel, but Faith chastises her for endangering the girls. Angel manages to injure Eyghon before escaping through a window and jumping into Nadira's car just before it leaves. Eyghon is furious at Angel for harming him again, but, with three Slayers under his control, he is confident he can exact his revenge.

Angel, Faith, and the Slayers head to Alasdair for help. He explains that Eyghon can only be killed by decapitating his true body; he can survive any other apparent death and carry on by taking control of any nearby dead or unconscious body. Angel reveals that, as the masked Twilight, he had already received news that Eyghon was still alive; once his powers were fully restored, Eyghon wanted revenge on Ethan and Giles, but both men were dead by then. Alasdair explains that, because Ethan and Giles wear his mark, Eyghon can control their corpses regularly. Angel reveals he knew Eyghon owned Giles' soul, meaning the soul could not have left the Earth dimension.

Alasdair worries that Eyghon might go into hiding, but Faith reveals she saw Eyghon's plan in the brief moment she was nearly possessed. Eyghon wants to recreate his zombie kingdom on Earth, but, without magic, the bodies of those he possesses burn out too soon; only Giles and Ethan remain. So, Eyghon made a deal with Whistler, Pearl, and Nash, who provided him with magic items. With their help, Eyghon can spread his zombie plague across the world, thus effectuating an evolution of humankind such as Whistler spoke about. Nadira wonders why Eyghon wants the girls, and Angel guesses Eyghon does not trust Pearl and Nash, and the Slayers will be his elite soldiers.

They formulate a plan in which the Slayers with edged weapons attack the zombies and those with blunt weapons attack the possessed Slayers. Angel will attack Eyghon because he is immune to possession. Angel reveals that, because Eyghon is too strong for him alone, he has called in the help of another vampire with a soul. At that moment, Spike announces himself at the door.




Organizations and titles[]





Rituals and spells[]

Death count[]

  • Three zombies, beheaded by Nadira.
  • Two zombies, beheaded by Slayers.
  • One zombie, shot in the head by Faith.
  • One zombie, beheaded by Angel.
  • Ethan Rayne, shot in the head by Voll (flashbacks).

Behind the scenes[]




Cover artwork[]


Band member: "You were crap out there, Ripper."
Giles: "I am cut to the quick. Turn away, I can't bear for you to see me weep."
Edna: "No one who walks in our world does so unscathed. We all have our demons, Rupert. Often quite literally. One does not give up. One fights. One perseveres and overcomes them. We cannot escape the dark, Rupert. But we can refuse to let it own us."
Faith: "Hey. Chatty Cathy. Hardcore fans don't like zombies who run. You keep talking, you're gonna break the internet."
Nadira: "You're worried about him? I'm worried about leaving our friends."
Faith: "Jesus, Nadira, get your head out of your ass for once."
Angel: "Eyghon's not stupid. He doesn't trust Pearl and Nash. Whistler, maybe. He's all about balance. And making part of the planet hell might be part of his plan to make the other half paradise. But he knows Pearl and Nash don't like sharing power. They won't trust him anymore than he trusts them. Greed recognizes greed. He's afraid they'll try to double-cross. He wants an army of superhuman warriors whose bodies are infused with magic. So they'll last. He's already got enough to do a lot of damage. But he needs more. We need to take him out before their numbers grow."
Spike: "Right. No more weeping and moaning, ladies. And yes, Angel, I saw you there. Spike's come to save the day. As bloody usual."