"Death and Consequences, Part Four" was the nineteenth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series.


A long time ago, Giles and his grandmother were battling vampires in a discotheque. Afterwards, she tried to convince him to go back to life as a watcher. She made a heartfelt speech about what qualities would make him a good watcher.

In the present, Spike had arrived at Alasdair's and he, Angel, and Faith were discussing their plans. Angel and Spike immediately started bickering about Buffy and other things. Then Nadira presented Spike with the weapon needed to kill Eyghon, prompting Angel to question why Spike had been pardoned by the girls but he hadn't. Just as Spike began to discuss the plan with Faith, Eyghon and his zombies attacked the house. As zombie-Slayer engaged Slayer, Angel and Spike worked their way up to Eyghon, Faith squared off against Giles.

The Slayers captured the zombified bodies in nets, while Angel and Spike attacked Eyghon. Eyghon however captured Spike and possesed him as well, seeing as his true form was strong enough to overcome the demon already inside Spike. Eyghon also tried with Angel, but now that there were three people living in him (Angel, Angelus, and Giles) Eyghon could not possess him. Giles then came to the front of Angel's consciousness and confronted Eyghon and poked his eye out with Angel's fist. Then he ran for the vorpal blade and decapitated Eyghon, killing him and ending his control over the corpses.

This also released the final part of Giles' soul into Angel. Spike and Faith tried to talk to him, but his behaviour was erratic, alternating between himself, Giles, and Angelus. Nadira wanted to kill him, but Faith convinced her that Angel had earned their forgiveness. Nadira agreed, but said she was still angry at Faith for lying and stormed off. Daphne explained that the other Slayers all agreed that the life that Faith was living wasn't one for them and so they thanked her and said their goodbyes.

Finally, Spike and Faith discussed with Alasdair how they needed to proceed and a new challenge was presented. Only Angel, who had temporarily lost his mind, had an idea of how to resurrect Giles' body.


The story was set after "Death and Consequences, Part Three", but before "Spike and Faith.

  • In the 1970s, Edna mentioned that the current Slayer was living in the United States, she likely referred to Nikki Wood.
  • Edna also mentioned she killed her first vampire at the age of ten, referencing Roche [1].



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  • Faith likened Angel and Spike to Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics.


Edna Giles: "You were a young fool who felt immortal, did remarkably ill-advised things, and it cost people their lives, eh? You bloody idiot. That doesn't disqualify you from being a watcher. It makes you perfectly suited to mentor a Slayer. They're young girls granted tremendous power. Who can relate to them better? A man like your father, who's done the right and proper thing his entire life? Or you?"
- Death and Consequences, Part Four


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