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Death and Consequences, Part Four is the nineteenth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on February 27, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


Angel, Faith, and the remaining Slayers prep themselves to overtake a group of living zombies — without losing any more lives. The demon Eyghon holds the last remnants of Giles's soul, but a gaggle of innocent zombies are blocking Angel's path to victory. Good thing an old friend was recruited to help with the fight...[1]


Many years ago. Rupert Giles and his grandmother fight vampires in a discotheque. Afterward, she tries to convince him to go back to life as a Watcher, explaining his past mistakes instead qualify him to mentor young Slayers. She also tells Rupert he can either be selfish and seek redemption for his mistakes or be genuine and atone for them by making amends.

Now. Angel and Spike bicker about Buffy until Nadira presents Spike with the weapon needed to kill Eyghon. Just as Faith updates Spike on their situation, Eyghon and his zombies attack the house. As the Slayers capture the zombie Slayers, Faith squares off against Giles, and Angel and Spike work their way up to Eyghon.

Eyghon captures Spike and possesses him too, seeing as his true form is strong enough to overcome the demon already inside the ensouled vampire. Eyghon also tries with Angel but fails because there are three people living inside him now: Angel, Angelus, and Giles. Giles comes to the front of Angel's consciousness to confront Eyghon and punches his eye out. Faith incapacitates Spike and gives the Vorpal blade to Angel. As Angel beheads Eyghon, his control over the corpses ends.

The final part of Giles' soul goes into Angel. Spike and Faith try to talk to him, but his behavior alternates between memories of himself, Giles, and Angelus. Nadira wants to kill him, but Faith convinces her that Angel earned their forgiveness for saving them, and a Twilight-possessed Angel had no more fault than her Slayers possessed by Eyghon. Nadira agrees but does not forgive Faith for lying and storms off, also angry at her fellow Slayers for their decision. Faith asks Daphne about it, and she explains the Slayer squad had agreed the life Faith is living isn't one for them and decided to go their separate ways.

Spike discusses with Alasdair how they need to proceed, but he doesn't know. Faith says that only Angel, who has lost his mind, knew how to resurrect Giles' body.


  • Edna says the current Slayer is in America; Nikki Wood was active in New York City from 1970 ("Nikki Goes Down!") to 1977 ("Fool for Love").
  • Edna tells her grandson Rupert about the first time she saw a vampire, an event from Tales of the Vampires. At the time, she wondered about telling the adventure to her future grandchildren.
  • Spike mentions to Angel the ship was destroyed, a reference to when Sebastian went down with his ship through the Hellmouth trouble in A Dark Place, Part Five.
  • Spike uses a chalice as an ashtray, much to Alasdair's discomfort, like he did with an Urn of Ishtar in "Blood Ties."
  • Spike claims he left Buffy on his own will, but Angel believes she actually brushed him off. Spike left Buffy in Apart (of Me), Part Three, but he had also asked her to come with him, which she declined.
  • Spike tells Angel how Buffy can't "stand the sight of him." Similarly, Faith said Buffy "can't look at him" in Last Gleaming, Part Five.
  • Spike says Buffy was "getting chummy" with Dowling, but he did not stick around to find out. Their suspicion of a possible romance between them will be confirmed in Welcome to the Team, Part One.
  • Spike accuses Angel of not checking on Buffy since he had sex with her in Twilight, Part Three.
  • Spike accuses Angel of having no idea Buffy "thought she was—", almost telling him about when Buffy shared with Spike she believed she was pregnant in On Your Own, Part One.
  • Nadira says Spike is the killer of two Slayers, as seen in "Fool for Love."
  • Spike says he missed "baby Slayers." He lived with Potential Slayers from "Potential" until "Chosen"; dealt with a recently-activated Slayer in "Damage"; and led a group of Slayers from After the Fall, Part Fourteen to Part Sixteen.
  • Eyghon remembers being cast away from Angel's body years ago, which happened in the episode "The Dark Age."
  • Upon getting the final piece of Giles' soul, Angel has flashbacks of Giles' memories: Jenny's death and his subsequent attempt to kill Angel in "Passion," Willow's fighting him in "Grave," and his death at Angel's hands in Last Gleaming, Part Four.



Organizations and titles[]





Death count[]

  • Two vampires, killed by Edna Giles (flashbacks).
  • Two vampires, killed by Rupert Giles (flashbacks).
  • One zombie, beheaded by Spike.
  • Three zombies, beheaded by Slayers.
  • One zombie, beheaded by Faith.
  • Eyghon, beheaded with the Vorpal blade by Angel.

Behind the scenes[]


Pop culture references[]

  • Faith likens Angel and Spike to Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics.



Cover artwork[]


Edna: "You were a young fool who felt immortal, did remarkably ill-advised things, and it cost people their lives, eh? You bloody idiot. That doesn't disqualify you from being a Watcher. It makes you perfectly suited to mentor a Slayer. They're young girls granted tremendous power. Who can relate to them better? A man like your father, who's done the right and proper thing his entire life? Or you?"
Giles: "What I've done goes well beyond a misspent youth."
Edna: "Oh, stop. I know all about Eyghon. Perhaps your soul is damned. Perhaps he'll claim it the moment you die and subject you to an eternity of torment. If you want to be selfish about it, a lifetime of good works may be the one way to save yourself from that fate. The only path to redemption. And if you genuinely want to atone for what you've done, it's your duty. Much as you despise the word. You feel you've done wrong? Then stop crying about it... and start making amends."
Nadira: "He didn't kill a squad of my friends. And the fact that you're still alive means you get a pass, too."
Spike: "Baby Slayers. I missed baby Slayers. The angst, the attitude... Bit like a soap opera with weapons."
Angel: "Stick to the plan! Remember you role!"
Giles/Eyghon: "That would be to die."
Spike: "Well, look at zombie Giles. Undead, and still a crap fighter."
Giles/Angel: "These others are innocents. I will not allow you to harm them further."
Eyghon: "Ha! The pawn finds his voice! You see innocents here, 'Ripper'? I see souls more damned than yours! And you 'allow' me nothing. You do as I say. And I say submit. Stop! This is intolerable! You are mine! You have no will of your own!"
Giles: "What the denizens of hell refuse to accept is that damnation is, at some point, a choice."
Spike: "Well, my work here is done. And like all the best scraps, I can't remember a bloody thing. Why do my bollocks hurt?"
Faith: "Um, beats me."