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Dawn and Hoopy the Bear

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|coverA = 55-Dawn and Hoopy the Bear.jpg
|released = March 26, [[2003]]
|pages = 22
|series = [[Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic]]
|number = 55
|previous = [[The Big Fold]]
|next = [[Slayer, Interrupted, Part One]]
|publisher = [[Dark Horse Comics]]
|writer = [[Paul Lee]]
|penciller = [[Paul Lee]]
|coverart = [[Paul Lee]]
|inker = [[Paul Lee]]
|colorist = [[Paul Lee]]
|letterer = [[Paul Lee]]
|editor = [[Scott Allie]]
|coverB = Buffy55-variant-cover.jpg
'''''{{PAGENAME}}''''' is the fifty-fifth issue of the ''[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic]]'' comic book series. It was written and illustrated by [[Paul Lee]].
| image = 55-Dawn and Hoopy the Bear.jpg
| imagealt =Buffy55-variant-cover.jpg
| released = March 26, 2002
| publisher = [[Dark Horse Comics]]
| number = 55
| pages = 22
| writer = [[Paul Lee]]
| penciller = Paul Lee
| inker = Paul Lee
| colorist = Paul Lee
| previous = [[The Big Fold]]
| next = [[Slayer, Interrupted, Part One]]}}
'''Dawn and Hoopy the Bear''' was a comic, a story based on the ''Buffy'' television series.
Continuing the look into [[Buffy]]’s life before [[Sunnydale]], we take a detour with [[Dawn Summers|Dawn]] — a mysterious package is accidentally delivered to the younger [[Summers family|Summers]] sister, and the enchanted teddy bear [[Hoopy the Bear|Hoopy]] wreaks havoc upon the life of the little ten year old. Intended to destroy the [[Slayer]], the gift leads Dawn unwittingly into her first adventure, years before she’d ever be accepted into the [[Scooby Gang]].<ref>[https://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/12-222/ “Buffy the Vampire Slayer #55 Dawn and Hoopy the Bear”]. ''[[Dark Horse Comics]]''. Retrieved October 10, 2017‎.</ref>
== Synopsis ==
*This story includes the false memories around Dawn Summers, before she was created in "[[Buffy vs. Dracula]]."
Continuing the look into [[Buffy]]'s life before [[Sunnydale]], we take a detour with [[Dawn]] -- a [[demon]] acolyte delivers a mysterious package to the younger Summers sister mistaking her for the [[Slayer]]. The enchanted teddy bear [[Hoopy the Bear|Hoopy]] wreaks havoc upon the life of the little ten-year-old, transforming into a real bear and acting out her inner desires: getting her a doll she craves, beating up the schoolyard bully and killing a trio of [[vampire]]s who attack her. Intended to destroy the Slayer, the gift unwittingly leads Dawn into her first adventure, years before she's accepted into the [[Scooby Gang]]. Finally, when Hoopy attacks an arguing [[Joyce]] and [[Hank]] to act out Dawn's desire to stop them fighting she turns her will against him, forcing him to beat himself up then flee. The comic ends with Hank, Joyce and Dawn happy together, and Hoopy down and out drinking beer in the alleyway behind a convenience store.
*Buffy, Dawn, and [[Joyce Summers]] are yet to move to Sunnydale, making this story previous to the series’ debut episode "[[Welcome to the Hellmouth]]."
*The story takes place during Buffy’s mission in [[Las Vegas]] ("[[Viva Las Buffy!]]").
*[[Hoopy the Bear]], first seen in ''[[Withdrawal]]'', has his origins revealed.
== Behind the Scenes ==
=== Trivia ===
This Story takes place before Buffy The Vampire Slayer's first season.
*Ms. Olshan
This was collected in ''[[Slayer, Interrupted (2003)|Slayer, Interrupted]]'' and ''[[Omnibus: Volume 1]]''.
*[[Buffy Summers]] {{FBO}}
== Appearances ==
*[[Dawn Summers]]
*[[Dawn Summers]]
*[[Joyce Summers]]
*[[Hank Summers]]
*[[Hank Summers]]
*[[Buffy Anne Summers]] {{Om}}
*[[Hoopy the Bear]]
*[[Hoopy the Bear]]
*[[Joyce Summers]]
*Matthew's mother
===Organizations and titles===
*[[Slayer]] {{FBO}}
*[[Summers family]]
*[[Los Angeles]], USA
*[[Los Angeles]]
**[[Summers residence (Los Angeles)|Summers residence]]
===Weapons and objects===
*[[Mr. Gordo]]
==Death count==
*An unidentified vampire, beheaded by [[Hoopy the Bear]].
==Behind the scenes==
*The photo cover has a promotional photo for [[Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 5)|''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' season 5]].
*This story is part of the first book of the ''Buffy: Year One'' trilogy, the last stories of ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic'', about Buffy Summers as a Slayer before her arrival in Sunnydale.
*The “Hoop” bear is a parody from the character [[Wikipedia:Winnie-the-Pooh|Pooh Bear]], their names reverse from each other.
*Dawn’s plush elephant is called Horton in reference to the artist [[Brian Horton]].
===International titles===
*'''French:''' ''Dawn et Hoopy l’Ourson'' (Dawn and Hoopy the Bear)
*'''German:''' ''Dawn & Hoopy, der När'' (Dawn & Hoopy, the Bear)
*"[[Slayer, Interrupted (2003)|Slayer, Interrupted]]"
*"[[Omnibus: Volume 1]]"
*"Buffy [[Classic]] 4: Dawn and Hoopy the Bear"
===Pop culture references===
*Dawn plays video game in the [[Wikipedia:Nintendo 64|Nintendo 64]] console.
*A vampire compares Dawn to the [[Wikipedia:Chicken McNuggets|McNugget]] processed meal.
*Matthew mentions the character [[Wikipedia:Chucky (Child's Play)|Chucky]], the murderous possessed doll.
=== Creators ===
===Cover artwork===
*Based on the television show created by [[Joss Whedon]]
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BC-55-01b.png|Photo cover
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