We come together, the daughters of Gaia, sisters to the moon. We walk with the darkness, the wolf is at our side. Through the water fall of power, to the blackest heart of Eternity. I think we should have a bake sale.

Daughters of Gaea was a Wicca group based in UC Sunnydale.

History[edit | edit source]

Despite calling themselves witches, none of the group members believed in real witchcraft besides Tara Maclay and Willow Rosenberg. They considered any notion of actually using magic as just stereotypes that weren't "very empowering", and were more interested in holding bake sales instead.[1]

Despite this, they did participate in Wiccan blessings, even once chanting to heal Chloe's ankle and even talked about a Bacchanalia. They also had their own newsletter[1] and orientation during the three days when the full moon was up.[2]

The Wicca group in 2003.

By 2003, the Daughters had began practicing real magic, mostly actual Wiccan practices like healing spirits, nurturing life forces, and protecting the Earth. However, they still ran bake sales, mostly on the second Tuesday of every month.[3]

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