When you brought me back, you promised you'd take care of me. I need this, Chris. I need someone.
―Daryl Epps[src]

Daryl Epps was a Sunnydale High School student who was brought back as a zombie by his younger brother Chris Epps. In life, he had been a running back for the Sunnydale Razorbacks, one of the most talented and popular football players in the school.[1]

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Life and death[edit | edit source]

He always looked out for me... stood up for me...
―Chris Epps[src]

On November 17th 1995, Daryl played at the "Westbury game" rushing 185 yards and scoring four touch downs that night. He was MVP and made All City that season. That same year he made All-State. Cordelia Chase fell in love with him, but he ignored her. Nevertheless, Daryl stood up for his more intellectually-inclined little brother.

Daryl died in a rock climbing accident in 1996. His death heavily affected his family. His younger brother Chris became more reclusive, while their mother stayed at home all day watching videos of Daryl's games.[1]

Undeath[edit | edit source]

He promised me! Promised! I wouldn't have to be alone!
―Daryl Epps[src]

Daryl was reanimated by his brother. Willow Rosenberg would speculate that Chris employed an electrical current combined with an adrenaline boost to restore Daryl's "spark of life."

After Daryl overcame his initial shock at the transformation, Chris tried a find a way to give his brother a "mate" like him so that he wouldn't have to be alone. Taking advantage of a car accident, Chris was able to acquire the bodies of three dead teenage girls to create the body, but the rapid decay rate of brain tissue meant that Chris would need to actually kill someone in order to obtain a viable brain.

Chris left because of a crisis of conscience, but his lab partner, Eric Gittleson, helped Daryl abduct Cordelia Chase to use her head. However, Buffy Summers and Alexander Harris managed to find them in time with help from Chris. Xander took Cordelia out of the lab, while Buffy fought Daryl. During the fight, some containers were knocked over, and a fire was started near the body. Daryl chose to die in the fire with the unfinished project instead of living alone.[1]

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  • He was portrayed by Ingo Neuhaus.
  • Daryl resembles Frankenstein's monster, in special his desire for a mate, seen on the film Bride of Frankenstein and on the original novel, in which the Creature demands his maker to create a similar mate.

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