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"Darla" is the seventh episode of the second season of Angel and the twenty-ninth episode in the series. Written and directed by Tim Minear, it was originally broadcast on November 14, 2000, on The WB network.


CONTINUATION OF ANGEL/BUFFY CROSSOVERAngel is desperate to rescue Darla from the clutches of Wolfram & Hart. Flashbacks reveal what a dangerous and powerful relationship they shared as history weirdly seems to be repeating itself. The trip down memory lane begins with Darla's turning by the Master and ends with the gang of Spike, Drusilla, Darla and Angel being torn apart when he gets a soul.[1]


In his bedroom, Angel sits sketching a picture of Darla when Wesley enters, asking if he wants to talk. Angel claims there's nothing on his mind, despite being surrounded by dozens of similar drawings strewn on the floor. Meanwhile Darla is sitting in her apartment surrounded by smashed mirrors. Lindsey arrives to see the apartment in disarray. Darla is now starting to experience the weight of the soul she was resurrected with. She tells him she's started remembering everything she did as a vampire. As Lindsey laments sending Darla to Angel too soon, she tells him she and Angel are now far more than enemies: they're soulmates.

Virginia Colony, 1609 — In a bedroom, the human prostitute who will become Darla lies in her deathbed, covered in sores from the syphilis she is dying from. Asking that the blinds be closed, she receives a visit from a hooded figure who appears to be a priest. He asks everyone to leave the room so he may speak with Darla privately. Darla states she needs nothing from God and should just be allowed to die in peace. However, the priest tells her she will not die but will be reborn. The Master then pulls back his hood, and Darla believes he is death, but he responds he is her savior and promises to help her unlike God. With that, he bites her.

At the hotel, Angel is still desperate to track Darla down. Wesley and Cordelia are trying to talk him out of it, explaining it will be both difficult and dangerous to search where she is. Gunn reminds them that Wolfram & Hart will be housing Darla, and they should be able to figure out where she is by following their real estate acquisitions and expenses. Cordy and Wesley begin chasing this lead as Angel tells them Darla always liked somewhere with a view.

London, 1760 — Darla has brought Angelus before the Master to show off her wonderful new creation, bragging about the destruction they caused through South Wales and North of England. She wants him to be inducted into the Order of Aurelius. Angelus is unimpressed at the fact the Order — a self proclaimed elite group of vampires — are reduced to living in the sewer. The Master explains the Order of Aurelius gives tribute to the Old Ones while waiting for the day to rise. Angelus questions why they don't simply go up to the surface now. He insults the Master's appearance and slumps himself over his throne. Darla is horrified and quickly apologizes for Angelus, who the Master beats for his actions. Angelus regrets nothing and asks Darla if she would rather stay in a rat-infested stink hole or join him on a trip to Naples, where he'll treat her to luxury and all her desires. The Master initially expects Darla to remain loyal to him since he is her sire, but Darla chooses "the stallion" over him. Despite his anger, the Master allows them to leave, knowing the day will come when Darla will return to him.

During his research, Angel found the name "Darla" did not come into common usage until over a century after Darla was born. He realizes the Master gave it to her — therefore, he never knew his sire's real name. Wesley arrives with no new leads, which makes Angel wonder why Wolfram & Hart brought her back as a human. Wesley suggests it may have been the only way they could resurrect her, and it may be easier to control her as a human. He then warns Angel the main reason for bringing Darla back to life may have been to keep them all distracted, which is working perfectly.

Lindsey has taken Darla to Wolfram & Hart to stop her from hurting herself, only to bump into Holland. After exchanging pleasantries with Darla, he reminds Lindsey that she wasn't meant to be brought into the firm after she met with Angel. After Lindsey mentions Darla's starting to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, Holland tells him things are moving faster than they thought. He then orders that Darla not be allowed to leave the building before suggesting all sharp objects are removed from her reach.

London, 1880 — Angelus, Darla, and Drusilla have just fed on a sailor in a dark street. Angelus and Darla relish the meal and praise the sailor's looks, while Dru feels despondent due to her loneliness. Darla offers to share Angelus with her, but Dru tells her Angelus's mind is too full of her. Angelus suggests Dru make her own partner, and she delights at the idea. Dreaming of taking a brave knight and making him hers forever, a crying man — who would soon become Spike — bumps into the group as he flees a party. As Darla and Angelus sneer, Drusilla is captivated by the man as he walks into a dark alley.

Cordelia has managed to track Darla's location, and Angel is ready to head there immediately. The place is Sun Valley, but it's daytime, so he agrees Wesley and Gunn should go instead.

In Lindsey's office, Darla admits to the lawyer she cannot remember her real name as she considered life to be over as soon as the Master turned her into a vampire. She has been "Darla" far longer than she was anybody else and wonders who was brought back from hell: the prostitute without a name or the vampire who killed thousands. Darla moves in for a kiss, accusing him of wanting her from the moment they met. Lindsey tries to resist, but soon gives in. After a few seconds of kissing, Darla roughly bites his neck. She tells him that's how vampires get what they want. Tearfully, she proclaims she can feel her body slowly dying while describing her soul as "cancer."

Romania, 1898 — As the newly ensouled Angel wanders aimlessly and half-crazed, Darla has tracked down the Romani clan that cursed him. She pleads with the Kalderash man to reverse the spell, but he refuses — Angel must suffer as his victims did. Drusilla asks Darla where Angelus is, as she wants Angel to enjoy the massacre with his family. Darla assures her Angel will be back and sends her on her way to feed on the people in the camp. Darla then tells the man that in a nearby caravan are his wife and daughters; they are safe for the moment and will be allowed to survive if Angelus is restored. At this moment, Spike emerges burping up, having already feasted on them. Darla snaps the man's neck and unleashes Spike and Dru on the rest of the remaining people, reminding them to show no mercy.

Wesley and Gunn show Angel photos of the trashed room where Darla was staying, and he notices the mirrors are all smashed. It proves to him that Darla is starting to feel guilt for all she has done. Cordelia is confused since Angel also feels guilt for his past but doesn't smash mirrors around him. He explains that, unlike Darla, he doesn't have a reflection. Darla calls Angel during the meeting and reminds him of the promise he made her centuries ago, and Angel tells her he'll do what he can for her. Suddenly, Angel overhears Lindsey enter the room, a violent shuffle with a security guard, and a gunshot.

Later, Lindsey and Holland watch the tape of Darla shooting the guard dead before Lindsey helps her escape. Holland is angry Darla was allowed to escape despite his orders to keep her in the building. He assures Lindsey they have a suspect in custody in regard to the dead guard and Darla has been detained. Lindsey is worried the Darla "project" will be handed over to someone else, but Holland tells him it is being scrapped since it's out of control. Holland orders Lindsey to get some rest so they can start again the next day. However, Lindsey knows the firm will now have Darla killed.

Angel is heading out of the hotel to rescue Darla despite knowing he could be walking into a trap. Wesley agrees they shouldn't deny helping Darla since she asked for it, especially as Angel knows what she's going through. He also reminds Angel that he wandered the globe for a century without seeking redemption. Angel tells Wes that he did indeed seek something in that time.

China during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900 — As Darla exits a house, Angel pushes her up against the wall. Covered in dirt and grime, he has tracked her down since she rejected him after he was ensouled. Darla asks if he's come to be killed and taunts him, revealing she can smell he's been feeding on vermin. Angel tells her that he wants them to be as they were. Darla argues it's impossible due to his soul, but Angel insists he's still a vampire and can still be the Angelus she knew. Darla's feelings for her lover reignite, and she accepts him back. The two leave to enjoy the chaos of the rebellion.

In Wolfram & Hart's parking garage, Angel wraps a cable around Lindsey's neck and is ready to throttle the life out of him, only to find the lawyer was in the process of calling him. Lindsey tells Angel that Darla is to be killed as well as the location where it'll likely be carried out. Angel leaves, warning Lindsey that he'll come back if he's lying and finish the job; then adds he may just come back anyway.

China during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900 — Angel wanders the burning streets, unable to enjoy the carnage despite his earlier promises to Darla. He comes across a missionary family with a baby hiding in an abandoned house but cannot bring himself to harm them. When Darla arrives and tries to investigate, Angel leads her away, claiming there are nothing to see but bodies. The two then bump into Dru and a bloodied Spike; Dru boasts that Spike has just killed a Slayer. Angel congratulates him, telling him he's now one of them. Dru then senses fear coming from the direction of the missionaries Angel encountered, but he claims to be bored with the rebellion and orders they leave the area. He eventually returns to the house he is sharing with Darla, who reveals she knows he hasn't changed and still can't enjoy killing. Angel reminds her that she has seen him feed on people since their reunion, but she knows they were all criminals. She tells him she returned to the rebellion and found the family Angel had refused to kill. She berates him for protecting missionaries from her while Spike was killing the Slayer. She has already killed the family except for the baby, whom she now expects Angel to kill to prove himself.

Angel makes it to Darla before Wolfram & Hart's agents can kill her and returns her to the hotel. At Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey spies Holland talking to the guard who was supposedly killed. Confronting his boss, Lindsey accuses Holland of playing him, but Holland tells him he had to believe what was happening as now they had their desired conclusion — Angel is with Darla. Lindsey warns Holland there's no way Angel will experience a moment of pure happiness with Darla, as he's too noble to take advantage. Holland assures him that everyone is aware there's no chance of physical intimacy between the two. Instead, they're hoping he will try to save her soul.

In the hotel, Darla wakes up where Angel is waiting for her. She admits she feels lucky she's with someone who can understand the pain she is experiencing. Darla notes she was supposed to "get to him" but realizes now she needs him to stop her suffering. Angel tells her it will take time, but she wants relief now. She asks him to end her torment by turning her back into a vampire. Angel refuses outright and explains the life she's gotten back is a gift. However, she views being a human as suffering and pain — she wants him to return the "favor" she did for him. Angel tells Darla that turning him into a vampire didn't help him but damned him for eternity. Darla then tells him it doesn't have to be a favor but revenge, if he prefers. Angel again refuses.

China during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900 — Angel can't bring himself to kill the baby. As Darla watches in disgust, he grabs the child and leaps out the window to safety.

In the present, Darla is enraged at Angel's refusal. Before running out, she tells him not to look for her again. Angel watches as Darla escapes into the morning sun.


  • Darla is sired by the Master and initially brings Angelus to him and the Order of Aurelius. Although she leaves with Angelus, Darla is once again with the Master by the time Buffy arrives in Sunnydale "Welcome to the Hellmouth."
  • Drusilla's line "Don't be cross. I could be your mummy." foreshadows her siring of Darla in the episode "The Trial."
  • The flashback to Romania, in 1898, take place soon after those from a flashback from "Five by Five," where Darla first realizes Angel has a soul.
  • The return of Angel's soul is shown in the Buffy episode "Becoming, Part One."
  • During the flashback to the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, Spike mentions killing a Slayer. This would be Xin Rong, the first Slayer he killed, which he recounts in the Buffy crossover episode "Fool for Love."



Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • Darla, sired by the Master (in flashbacks).
  • Unknown number of Kalderash people, killed by Darla, Drusilla, and Spike (only mentioned in flashbacks).
  • Romani man's family, drained by Spike (only mentioned in flashbacks).
  • Romani man, snapped neck by Darla (in flashbacks).
  • Missionary couple, blood drained by Darla (in flashbacks).

Behind the scenes[]


  • "Darla" had an audience of 3.5 million households upon its original airing.[2]



  • The episode was nominated for the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards in both categories Best Period Makeup in a Series and Best Period Hair Styling in a Series.[3]

International titles[]

  • Czech: "Darla"
  • Finnish: "Vanha rakas" (Old Darling)
  • French: "Darla"
  • German: "Darla"
  • Hungarian: "Darla"
  • Italian: "Il ritorno di Darla" (The Return of Darla)
  • Portuguese: "Darla"
  • Russian: "Дарла" (Darla)
  • Spanish (Latin America): "Darla"
  • Spanish (Spain): "Darla"
  • Turkish: "Darla"


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Behind the scenes[]


Darla: "Hmm, I remember now. You're death?"
Master: "No."
Darla: "What then?"
Master: "I'm your savior. God never did anything for you... But I will."
Angelus: "Well, if you're lonely, Dru, why don't you make yourself a playmate?"
Drusilla: "I could! I could pick the wisest and bravest knight in all the land and make him mine forever with a kiss."
William: "Bloody... Watch where you're going!"
Darla: "Or you could just take the first drooling idiot that comes along."
Darla: "You took him from me! You stole him away! You gave him a soul!"
Man: "He must suffer, as all his victims have suffered."
Darla: "That is no justice! Whatever pain he caused to your daughter was momentary, over in an instant... or an hour. But what you've done to him will force him to suffer for the rest of eternity! Remove that filthy soul so my boy might return to me!"
Angel: "Come on guys. We are a detective agency. We investigate things. That's what we're good at."
Cordy: "That's what we suck at. Let's face it, unless there's a website called www.Oh-By-the-way-we-have-Darla-stashed-here.com, we're pretty much out of luck."
Wesley: "It's not gonna be easy."
Cordy: "Before he said he could smell her. How about we cruise around with the top down and you take big whiffs? Well, we'll wait until after the sun sets obviously."
Cordy: (holding the phone) "Angel..."
Angel: "Cordy, just take a message." (to Wesley) "So you think this is a setup."
Wesley: "We mustn't rule it out."
Cordy: "Angel!"
Angel: "Cordy, please, I'm talking."
Cordy: (into the phone) "Hi Darla. He can't talk right now. He'll call you back once he's found you. Yeah, bye-bye."


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